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415 Broadway
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

(732) 899-3766

SAILING DAILY! 50% PASSENGER COUNT 50% PASSENGER MAX, on our daily AM fishing trip.
We guarantee an UNCROWDED experience! For your COMFORT we adhere to reduced customer capacity!


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Small coolers with food and beverages

There are plenty of free parking spots available at our boat dock parking lot. 

Arrival Time Weekend:

On a weekend, plan to be checked in and aboard 45 minutes before sailing time. On weekends we tend to fill up early.  If we are full I leave early so the boat is not over crowded and to get you more fishing time. 

Weekdays plan on arriving 30 minutes before departure time

Restrooms are called the "head" on boats. There is a men's head and also a separate women's head.

Cans are preferred and beer is permitted in moderation. Queen Mary now has a full galley: water, soft drinks, coffee, snacks, burgers... (BYOB. No hard alcohol or mixed drinks are permitted on a fishing trip) You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink.

Wear clothing appropriate for the weather on land. Occasionally it is cooler in the morning so wear layers. Wear clothes that you will not mind getting dirty.

Our experienced professional crew will demonstrate and help you.

You may keep up to 15 Blue fish or you may release them if you choose.

Yes, the crew will clean and fillet the fish for a nominal fee.

Absolutely, if you have enjoyed your trip. The crew is professional and attends to your needs. Please tip the crew based on how helpful you feel they were, not based on how many fish you catch.

We sell burlap bags for $3.00. They will easily hold your fish or you may put them in an appropriate sized cooler that you have brought.

Rods: A seven-foot medium action pole works best.

Reel: A saltwater spinning reel with 25-pound test works very well. If using a conventional reel, a penn jig master will work for both bait fishing and bait fishing.

Line: This is the most important piece of equipment. Bluefish have excellent eyesight. The more they see in terms of tackle and line, the less inclined they are to bite. A pale pink or green line, clear or smoke line works best and is the least visible to the bluefish. These color monofilament lines are translucent in well water and the light can pass right through them, making it very difficult for the bluefish to see them. The worst line you can use is a braided line, such as power pro or spider wire. They are a solid line and the bluefish see them and swim the other way when they see them. We don't even allow this type of line on the queen mary. Dark-colored monofilament lines such as orange, black, brown, yellow, and red, or any fluorescent color line are highly visible to the New Jersey bluefish and send them swimming the other way.

Hooks: The hooks sold in most tackle stores for bluefish are usually very poor for day blue fishing, when the blues can see the best. All of the party boats including the queen mary have bluefish hooks for sale that will work best for you. They are two for a dollar and have lighter wire leaders, smaller swivels, and much smaller wraps than the so-called bluefish hooks sold in a store for more money. We are not trying to sell you a hook, we just want to see you catch fish.

Jigs: Jigs are a three-ounce lure that the bluefish will bite when they are chasing and eating smaller fish. They are dropped to the bottom and reeled up as fast as you can reel. They can be bought on the boat starting at $4.

The Queen Mary has fishing equipment for rent, $7 for conventional & $12 for upgraded spinning outfits. The rental equipment come rigged, ready to fish & bait is included if necessary. If you loose the tackle provided you must replace and return your equipment the way it was given to you first thing in the morning. We have both right and left handed equipment. We take pride in handing you the BEST RENTAL EQUIPMENT found aboard ant party boat in the area. Lost conventional setup is $150 and lost Spinning outfit is $300