SAILING DAILY! Due to COVID-19. 45 PASSENGER MAX, We guarantee a uncrowded experience! For your Health & Comfort we adhere to reduced customer capacity! You MUST have a mask to board. At this time Masks still must be worn in the cabin. If you have had any recent COVID symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, please choose another day.

Fishing Report


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 6:30 am to 2 pm  


Targeting: Striped Bass & Blues


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Another Fine Day!  Great first hour then just a pick the rest of the day.  Hi- Hook had over 20.  Andrew and his father Rich combined for over 24 fish and had their Striper limit 


Boat Limit of Bass to 33"

Jim Stieves was hot early & late winning the pool with a 33" fish and boated over 10 fish for the day.  Andrew & Jason Sokol combined for 35 or so.  Mike Payne had his limit before 8:20am. Jigs best early then Bill Hurley and top water best after 10:30am. Still plenty of room Sunday this weekend 


Sunday concluded one of the nicest Thanksgiving weekends ever aboard the Queen Mary! Awesome weather, calm seas, warm temps and very good fishing all combined to make it an epic end to an amazing November of Striper Action.  Capt JB was aboard to fish with some of the Wednesday Gang who were aboard Sunday.  Jim Stieves had 9 Stripers and a few Blues.  Capt JB boated a nice 33" Striper early.  Bob Gieson had a well deserved smile on his face from the multiple Stripers and a couple Jumbo Blues he battled.  Stoney fishing in his corner quietly boated a bunch of Bass and a few Blues as well.  Sergio and his father Lor-eto fished the pulpit and kept busy most of the morning.  Action was very good early with Bass and lots of Big Blues.  9-11 we picked lots of Bass with some Blues and after 11am it slowed to a pick and to a crawl after noon.  Over all another fine day aboard 


Super Action Again today! 
Lots of Stripers to 36" with most 25"-32" jigs again best.  Lots of Blues to 14 pounds too 


Fantastic Action this morning!! 


Very Good Action today after a slow day yesterday!  
Lots of 22-28" fish on jigs with a bunch 28-33" in the mix. Big Fish was 41" caught by Christian Misdary. Hi hook was over 20 fish.  We had plenty of Blues to 10 pounds in the mix as well. Have a happy Thanksgiving and see ya over the weekend.  We have walk up room Friday - Sunday 


First Drift the sky was black with birds.  As I slide the boat into the rolling Stripers the readings were unbelievable.  Fish On! Unfortunately, the best drift of the day was the first one. Second drift,  we picked a few more. Then only scratched a fish here and there the rest of the day.  We found a few different area of fish but were all very hard to catch. The yo-yo continues let’s hope it’s going up tomorrow


Did not fish bad forecast 


Rough weather, no boat traffic and Bass were back to chewing a bit this AM.  We have walk up room all week! 6:30am departure time except Thanksgiving Day Bass Special 6am to 12noon.  See ya aboard


Friday was Very Good but Saturday stunk! We did get some Bass & Blues but not nearly enough.  A few decent drifts was all we could manage.  Pic is  Brody Riback & Gino Simonetti both 11 with their catch 


Thursday, very slow for the jigging fleet.  Fish everywhere rolling & splashing but not too many bites.  Some Bass & Blues but not nearly enough.  Dave Millroy with a 38" Striper to win pool.  The charter boats all switched to trolling and caught well.  Plenty of fish around just tough to catch today

Wednesday was rough as winds were North not West as predicted! We picked at Bass & Blues to 40+ inches.  Overall an ok day


Basstastic today!

Early Boat Limit 

We released many Stripers over 40" today and hi-hook was over 15 bass and 8 blues. Great Action continues. Plenty of open spots for tomorrow Wednesday Nov 18. 



Very Good early this AM!  We did very well until 9am.  We picked at Bass to 40+" until 11:30 then it was completely over.  We were a couple fish short of a full boat limit and tossed back lots of bonus size fish. 


Slower today! We had a few ok drifts early then it stunk the rest of the day.  George had 8 for hi -hook but most had 2 or less.  Tough day. Sunday Nov 15 we will not sail due to rough conditions! 




Steady Jig Action continues Tuesday thru Friday! Lots of mixed size Stripers to 40+"  red tube jigs seem best overall. 


Another good Day! Best early for us and then a pick the rest of the day! 



Another Good Day of Striper action! Today we had some Blues to 10 pounds mixed in with the Stripers to 42".  We had some limits today and many bass in the boat and released.  Red-tail jigs still seem to work the best over the past 10 days.  Hope to see ya aboard 



Spectacular Action until noon today! A few fish short of a true boat limit of keeper and bonus size fish.  George Hamway & Ben both had 9 fir Hi-hook. We released a number of bonus size bass as well has some too large to retain.  Red-Tail diamonds still overall the best.  We are sold out except for Thursday this week.  


Sunday, again spectacular weather treated the folks with warm temps and calm seas. Again lots of fish all over most of the day for customers to see rolling on the surface.  Most of the morning we were able to pick at the Stripers.  Ryan was hi hook with 5 


Overall a slow day! Similar but better than Thursday with lots of fish all over.  Swirling, rolling and jumping made it frustrating for me and the customers.  Many did have a Striper and a few had 2 or 3 fish. Great day with wonderful weather and very nice folks aboard 


Better Action Friday with Stripers to 46" and hi hook had 5. Jigs again best wirh A27 & 47 red-tail best 


Tough day! Lots of fish around, rolling, splashing but not eating. We did manage to get a bunch but it was a grind 


In a word, FANTASTIC!


Simply Awesome again today! Epic Striper Jigging past few trips. Hi hook over a dozen and 49" was the pool winner 


Fabulous couple of hours before the wind came up hard from the South. Pocono Dave Millroy was hi-hook with 6 fish to 42.5"Ken & Eric had 3 each, Little Colin,10 years old, had a 36" fish.  Michele boated a whopper. Frank Vivino with a bonus & keeper Bass limit.  Lots of fish all on jigs with red tail A-47's best today. Monday is canceled, hopefully we will be out Tuesday for the Marathon trip. Remember we are limited to low 30's so the boat is NEVER CROWED! Book online if you have a group you can call and leave a deposit to hold spots.   


Nice Action on jigs this morning! After 2 days of Rain and Hard NE winds to 40MPH we usually catch very little.  The ocean calmed quickly and life was abundant early.  The boat traffic made it diffucult to maintain any momentum.  The many boats would trample the fish right away.  We got lucky a couple times as the fish were up close and I was able to get there before the mass of boats.  Other times, I read the fish away from the fleet and we had a nice drift.  We were never able to repeat a drift though.  A couple boats see our nets moving and BAM we were swarmed! We had quite a few larger fish and kept a handful of keepers all in jigs.  Again, red-tailed 27 or 47's worked best.  We had bites until 11am then it was all over.  We are getting booked up with the limited passenger counts so please book online.  Click the schedule page to see what is avaiable.  Hope to see ya aboard 


SIMPLY A GREAT DAY! All Jumbo Stripers to 47" with the majority 36" to 46" caught on jigs.  Red Tail A-27 & 47's were the jig of choice today! The folks who caught the best were reeling medium/slow steady pace.  Richie "1000" was hi-hook with 11 Stripers to 46.5"  Jack Schocklin had 6 and Pete Z had 7 to 46 Stoney had 5+".  Best news of the day was the return of Bob Gieson who had been sidlined with a injury.  Bob G caught a few including the one almost 45".  Many had multiple Stripers but those who were lazy and bounced their jigs on the bottom all day had fun with the many dogfish paved along the bottom.  The Bass were rolling on top chasing sandeels and the readings were mid water.  I never understand why some folks insist on bouncing the bottom when clearly they were not on the bottom on this day?  We did have a dozen or so Bluefish mixed in today as well as a few keeper sea bass and one keeper blackfish. 


Striper Time! 

Very Good today for Stripers up to 47" First real good action of the season.  Let's hope it's not a flash in the pan.  Jim Steel with 8 was hi hook and a few others boated and released 3-5 fish each.  Most were too big and had to be released but we did manage to keep a bunch.  


Canceled on the dock this AM. Forecast for 10-15 was 20+ early this AM from the North.  That is maybe the worst sea we get. Rough and close together, Monday is canceled with more wind. Tuesday is Sold Out. Wednesday looks best 


Tough day! Weather was great warm and calm but the bass were a no-show and then a hour run for blues only produced a handful. Terrible day of fishing 


Did not sail Thursday or Friday 



Limit + of Bluefin Tuna to 44" and Yellowfin to 85 pounds. Hi -hook was Pete Ziemba jigged all day and ended up with 6 Bluefin to 42" and 1 nicer Yellowfin.  Caroline had a Bluefin and a Yellowfin and fought others.  Picked atthe Bluefin early and then 10:30 - 1pm we held fish with flat line bait fishing producing best.  Fun way to end it! 


Striper Time! Today was our first Striper trip of the fall 2020 season and we found a few.  Fish on jigs and shads to 49".  Jack Schockling started us off with a 39" fish and shortly therafter Richie"1000" missed one.  A few casts later he was hooked up with a 44" fish.  A  few got away before a couple more to 49" realeased.  All big fish on jigs a better than expected start! 


Awesome Offshore Whale & Dolphin Wathcing trip! Whales everywhere for over 3 hours Humpback, Minke & Fin whales rolling, slapping, even a full breach! Great Trip 


Lots of action with Sea Bass but now getting tough to get keepers 


Lots of West wind had us looking along the beach early. We saw life but all Albys and couldn't catch em.  About 11am the wind back off a bit and we anchored up and picked at Sea Bass and some Porgy.  Ok end to the day


Stunk settled for some sea bass and porgy. The inshore tuna fishery was good early but terrible since Late Sept.  Offshore 60-70 mile area still doing well


Very Nice Sea Bass Action!! Many had their limit of 10 today plus a few porgy in the mix 


cancelled Monday & Tueday due to big storm 


Best day of the season for larger Blues to pool winning 11 pounder. Many gaffers today, with fish averaging 5/8 pounds.  Hope to see ya aboard Wednesday!  Monday very Rough and Tuesday calming. Wednesday looks nice! 


lots of South wind kept us in tight where there was enough west in the 20-30 that is was comfortabe enough to fish.  We picked at small weakfish getting some keepers along with tiny Blues and some small Bonito.  When you are given lemons you make lemonade! Sunday I hope to be able to get off the beach again before the Easterly kicks in.  Monday is a NO GO and Tuesday the same 


Friday's special trip provided lots of action/variety: Lots of Sea Bass, Porgy, Blues with Alby & a few Bluefin Tuna!  Tom Olsen has a bucket of Large Porgies and Sea Bass.  We jigged lots of Blues early before the sun was up and had a nice shot of Porgies as well before the sun was high.  The surprise was the reappearance of Albies and a few School Bluefin Tuna.  Nice mixed bag today.  


Wednesday provided nice action for a blues with an early boat limit giving us the ability to get in before the Gale force winds kicked in 

Tuesday's Bonito/Alby special was anything but special!  We did bail out with a nice catch of Blues to 10 pounds in the afternoon 


After very good action for Blues on Friday, Saturday was poor.  We did pick at  Blues the first hour and again late in the day.  10-12 was pretty poor with only a couple dozen boated in that time.  The few regulars aboard did OK have 5-12 each.  A large Bonito won the pool.  Lets hope Sunday is a bit better.  


What a difference a day makes! Fast Action on jigs with Blues in the 2-3 pound class.  The pool winner was 4 pounds and Hi- Hook Jim & Jack had over 40 Blues.  Smaller jigs A17 & 27's worked best tail or plain made no difference. We also, saw 3 different whales on the way home this afternoon!  Weather looking very nice for this weekend and have plenty of open spots available! Come on Down 


No Good today! Terrible tide up into the wind making for rough conditions.  The end result was stinko! 


No Sail too Rough 


Great way to finalize our 2020 Tuna trips!  We had good catches on all trips this season. That in itself is a miracle! Today we picked well from 9:30am-11am holding 1-3 fish on mainly on bait. We started off quick as the sun was rising we had 3 on within 1/2 hour of starting and boated all three. The ration went downhill fast from there though. Boated another 10 of 25 then late in the day had another shot boating 3 of 10.  All nicer yellowfin to 80 pounds.  George Hamway & Ed Kelly both boated 2 each and many had one.  Those who struck out were lucky enough as George and Kyle were kind enough to make sure all who didn't get one went home with a good chunk 


Monday sucked! Was supposed to be calm nice day NOPE.  We did muster up a half assed catch of Blues. Jim & Stoney has their limits but most had 1-3 fish. The good positive spin is we had some of the bigger Blues of the year 


Good action for Blues later in the day.  Early was a slow pick but after 10:30 the action picked up and ended up steady the last hour.  End up good with Blues to 8 pounds 


The Ultimate Pool App Charter went well! Jigging was steady with hi-hook close to 20 Blues to 8 pounds.  Rocky had his limit before 10:30 and had a larger 10 pound model in the mix.  Lots of fun had by all especially little Jackson, 9, from Pt Pleasant Beach who battled a bunch and boated 4.  


Mike Lynch's group had very nice action for Blues to 10 pounds! All jigs and just a gorgeous day!! 


Poked around out as far as 35 miles.  We had 1-4 Alby almost anyplace I went along with a han full of Mahi and 30 Blues 


After 5 days of hard NE and rough conditions. Wednesday produced Ok Action for Blues to 7 pounds all on jigs! We caught more than I truely expected after such a long blow. We capture one Alby and conditions look very favorable for us to look around Thursday into the weekend.  


Wednesday produced excellent action on jigs for Blues to 10 pounds!  Many folks had thier limits before 9am and tossed back fish for a while 


Plenty of Action today but the shap anglers definitely had the advantage once the sun got high in the sky. Lots of Blues to 9 pounds kept folks busy thru the morning.  The Albys were active around the boat until 9. Then it was mainly the sharpies who were consistently scoring.  George, Dr Aron, Andrew and Ryan put on a clinic in the stern. Epoxy jigs, 5" Split tails and 80G streamers along with 2.5oz Mac Daddy lures all worked well.  


We did not sail Friday or Saturday due to NE winds and rough conditions. Sunday calmed but nothing like the forecast had predicted. The Blues were flying fast as soon as I blew the horn and the fast paced jigging for Blues to 8 pounds continued until 11am. When the tide slowed the action was still a pick.  Many folks had their limits before 9am and had fun catching and releasing quality sized Blues  



The Special Bonito Alby trips wasnt so special! We did have action early with lot of Macks with Alby mixed in and some Spanish too.  I went searching an did find some more Alby but not thick enough for all to catch.  The real sharp guys had a bunch but the niovices had a hard time.  Turned out to be a nice day with calm seas and very little rain after 8am.  George had 6 six Alby tons of Mack and a couple Blues.  


We had Ivan Zimmerman's group aboard for their fiorst Tuna experience.  Started off quick with a 55 pounder jigged by George Hamway.  When the sun came up the Skipjack tuna swarmed us.  Getting a bait thru the skipjack was tough.  We had a little flurry and boated 2 more out of 8-9 hookups.  The nskipjack got even worse so we made a 2 mile move and found more chich birds and read lots of bait and some fish.  Instant FISH ON! Giant False Albacore for most with a couple real ones hooked up within minutes.  Pete Ziemba jigged a nicer 75 pound fish and the guys in Ivan's group held 1-3 on for the next couple hours.  When the dust cleared the guys were shot and a dozen tuna out of almost 30 hooked up were in the boat.  The fish were mostly in the 60-80 pound class and we lost a few bigger fish with less than 30' to go.  The bigger yellowfin are tough on the newbies to handle, but the guys did their best and learned alot.  Another Successful Tuna trip for the QM Crew! 


Monday we found some bigger Blues late and Tuesday we built on that with a nice catch of larger Blues on jigs to 10 pounds.  Nick won the pool with a true gaffer. Plain & tailed jigs both worked well. 


Friday we had Steady Action all day! Nicer Fish to 8 pounds with most 4-5 pounds.  Saturday the action was slow most of the morning but picked up a bit after 11 and many had a few. Ken & Marian Fuchs Combined for over 30 with a few nice Porgy mixed in. Those who could turn the handles ended with a nice catch 


Bouncy but clear until 11AM when the skies opened up! We picked at Blues well with a couple Bonito mixed in. 


Another fine day! Blues, Bonito, Alby and many Spanish Macks too!


Super Start to the Special Bonito, Alby Exotics trips today

We departed early and it really did pay off!  We were on the grounds as the sun was rising and it was ON! Lots of Bonito, Alby with Spanish early.  After 10am the Blues were tough to fight off but we picked Bonito all day.  Hi-hook had 8 Bonito a handfull of Alby a couple Spanish and all the Blues George could reel.  A few surprises along the way too: Cobia(released) and some Jumbo Blue Runners, Great Action Continues!! 


Another Great Tuna Trip! More on bait vs jig today for Yellowfin up to 75 pounds! Frank Vivino had a limit of three before 9am! George who has been snake bit the past 2 trips watching folks all around him catch.  This trip he got the monley off his back early wioth a nice fish 75-80 pounds on bait and later had another quality fish on a jig.  I jigged 2 a smaller one and a larger one.  Lots of bites and many boated! Excellent 2020 fishing!  


Lot of Variety again!! Blues, Sea Bass, Bonito, Alby, King Mackerel and a few School Tuna to 35 pounds. Overall the slowest day in a while but still a good day!  Lost a few tuna boated a few that were short and got one nice one for Lou who was aboard with his daughter. Many folks had a limit of Blues before we headed for the Alby & Tuna 


Weekend Report:

EXCELLENT ACTION CONTINUED: Limits of Bmuefish to 5 pounds. With some Bonito, Alby, King & Spanish Mackerel plus a school Bluefin tuna each of the past couple days. AM Trips are SOLD OUT till Sunday this week. Space is already limited for next week. Please book now as fishing is HOT


Another FANTASTIC DAY! Tons of action and variety! Limit of Blues to go with Alby, Bonito, Sea Bass and a couple Spanish Macks.  Weather loking good right into next week.  Monday, Wednesday & Friday still have openings next week.  Hope to see ya aboard 



Lotsof Blues to 4 pounds on jigs with a few macks in the mix and lots of Sea Bass too.  The afternoon trip provides more great action jigging Blues with a handful of Bonito and Spanish along with a boat limit of Sea Bass too 


Another Success! The tuna cooperated later in the day this past Tuesday making up for a tough morning where we boated only 1 of the first 7 fish hooked up! We made a small move and the ratio of hookups ot landed went up!  Some bites on the jigs but many on the bait.  Pete Ziemba showed them all that jigging pays off as he hooked 4 fish and landed 3 for his yellowfin limit to 80 pounds and won the pool.  Great Trip again! Sept 15 Tuna trip has a few open spots left. 


Another Great Acton week aboard the Queen! Tons of Macks to bend the rods most everyplace we went this week. Early most days we would get a few shots at the Blues some days up to 60-80 Blues mixed in for the day along with some Bonito, Spanish and usually a limit of Sea Bass for the Boat.  Saturday & Sunday were Rough so we did not sail, Monday morning not looking to promising either. See ya aboard Wedneday into next weekend looking nice 


Been Good Overall since the Hurricane Blew thru last Tuesday! Monday, saw more Blues in the mix since before the storm.  Lots of Macks once the Blues backed off,  then we hit a few spots for a limit of Sea Bass.   


Wednesday & Thursday produced lots of action all day! All the Macks you wanted with a few Blues mixed in to start and then a limit of Sea Bass to spice the catch.  Excellent especially right after a huge storm.  Pic is of Nick with a double header of big Sea Bass and the larger of the 2 won the pool 


Rough and got rougher soon after we started to fish COCKOLA was our catch today.  We had a blast of Macks early but drifting was getting tough.  We tried to search out some Blues but the seas kept building and made that very difficult.  We are canceled Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday may be canceled as well. If planning to fish look to Thursday & Friday this week


What a AWESOME DAY! I know its gonna be awhile till we get another one though.  We had an excellent start with lots of Blues early and a few nicer Bonito and couple Spanish Mackerel too. The blues backed off and the Chub Macks came on and we left the area looking.  Found lots of Chubs on another couple of spots and the sea bass didnt want to cooperate too well, so we rounded back and the Blues bite well to end the day.  Maybe the nicest day calm wise in weeks! Unfortunately, this is not gonna last and the rough weather looks to be upon us for the Sunday into mid week. May have to cancel some trips? 


Another fine day of cathcing Blues & Macks! Pool winner was Blue about 4.5pound  lots of action 


Very nice day! Lots of Blues with Macks and Spanish Mackerel along with a couple Bonito too mixed in this AM.  After we had plenty of Blues we went for Sea Bass and had plenty of action picking as Sea Bass & Ling to end the day


Very Nice Yellowfin Tuna Catch! 

Pete & Elmer had 2 each on jigs and a bunch of other yellowfin tuna to 70 pounds were landed. Mainly all on jigs a couple on bait.  e have openings on Aug 25 & Sept 15 trips 


Sunday & Monday produces Blues a few Spanish along with Chub Macks!  Then Sea Bass to end the day.   Overall its been lots of action



Another Fantastic Day!  Limits of Blues & Sea Bass with Spanish Mackerel, Chubb Mackerel & Bonito in the mix! Great Day! 


FAST ACTION! Could not be hampered by the rain.  WIld Blues and Macks to start the mroning as no matter what you tossed in was gobbled up! My father, Charles, made his first trip of the season. He said it wasnt fishing, it was Catching today! . An old friend, Maury, was in town with his kids. They picked a great day to intoduce his boys to ocean fishing. They didnt have time to figure out how to use this equipment.  Their jigs hit the bottom and wham FISH ON! They all lost count of how many in the first hour.  Later in the day we skipped offshore a little and found a nice patch of Sea Bass.    FUN DAY


Fast Action continues! 

Limit of Blues early with Sea Bass & Fluke late 

Another Fun Day! 


Special Tuna Charter Monday went great! 

Limit of Bluefin before 7:30am with many released to 40 pounds mainly on jigs.



Another early Boat limit of Blues to 3 pounds Tuesday morning! Rest of the day we picked at Sea Bass and Fluke. Great Action continues 


Weekend was more of the same! Limits of Blues early a Bonito or two in the mix with a Spanish Mackerel too once in a while too.  We generally finish up the day with Sea Bass 


Another BLOWN CALM forecast! Se 5-10 was 15-20 most of the day.   WTF weather people! All that techology and you generally suck.  I swear the daily stuff was more accurate when i was a kid listnening to a special weather radio for the marine forecast.  Despite the rocking and rolling the Blues were flying early and a quick boat limit was achieved before 8:15am.  NOAA/NMFS say the Bluefish stocks are decimated.  Ask a local Capt who fishes for Bluefish they will tell you their science is flawed as we see plenty! Overall we had a great catch of Blues, Mackerel, Sea Bass and some Fluke.  A nice mixed bag and lots of action The BIg Fluke won the pool! 



Wednesday started out unexpectably rough! Weather man predicted a calm day and it certainly want not! we made the best of it and anchored up early and many got a Sea Bass Limit and we picked a few mackerel and a couple Bluefish.  Whene the wind backed off a touch I ran about 10 miles to the Bluefish area and we picked away the rest of the day and had a boat limit of Blues plus some Bonito.  Richie"1000" won the Pool with a nice Bonito! 


Fantastic! Limit of 27" - 44" fish before 6:15AM.  Released a bunch! Just a wonderful day with jig working best!



Nice Day on the water! After a  Big Blow we usually struggle for a few days.  When we arrived on scene where we left the Blues biting Thursday, it didnt take long to start picking away.  Between 8-9:30 we had steady action with Blues to 3 pounds with most 1 pound.  Plain A-17 diamond jigs were best.  After the boat had a Bluefish Limit we went and hit a few spots for Sea Bass.   Many had their Sea Bass limit too!  A nice Fluke won todays pool.    The afternoon trip was hampered by the summer southerly which came up much later than normal today.  




Another day with limits of small Bluefish mixed with some Spanish Mackerel. Then a switch up to Sea Bass polished the coolers with limits of Sea Bass 



Back on the inshore front today! Limit of Blues & Sea Bass with a fewaFluke too.  Very nice day



FOGGY AND BOUNCY put up in the 2 strike against us mode.  Put the side trackers out found some life and trolled up all the fish.  We jigged on readings and never had a touch excpet for one JUMBO BLUEFISH caught by Lou Fama.  Once we realized the jigs and bait were not gonna work we would get right back up on the troll and soon after BAM, another one on! GOOD TRIP.  Hopefully we can jig em next time 


Monday the Blues produced well but he Sea Bass was slow till the end of the day! Overall a nice day 


Limits of Blues & Sea Bass along with some Macks, Bonito & Fluke.  Very Nice Day


Slower on the Bluefish front this morning.  The NE wind was up early and made it difficult to really give it a good look. Later the wind dropped out and the jigging for Sea Bass produced  




Thursday & Friday produced solid Action for 1-3 pound Blues along with Bonito & Macks in the mix.  Both days we made quick boat limits of Blues and then finished up with nice sea bass action.  


Monday & Tuesday produced ok action for cocktail sized Blues.  Monday had a few folks around 20 Blues but others only had a few.  Tuesday produced more of the same those who could reel fast and cast did ok to well.  Sea Bass reopens tomorrow so we will try and get limit of  sea bass & Blues as well as some Ling 


Very Good Start this morning!  Many limits of Blues to 5 pounds before 9:30am with some nice Bonito in the mix!  The best jigs have bee nthe smaller the past few days: A-17 or A-27 best (2 or 3oz) plain hook but the tails worked almost as well today.  Still have a coiple open spots for Sunday morning




Another Fine Day aboard!! Lots of Blues to 5 pounds plus a few surprises.  Nice Striper won the pool along with keeper Cod and Bonito


Jack Dyane had his annual kids and friends trip this morning.  Hands down the calmest day of the season to date.  Though not full throttle like yesterday the Blues cooperated well for a group of mainly all novices. Once they got the hang of turning the handles to move the jigs fast enough we picked and plucked and had plenty by 11:30am.  Grab your spinner w/20-30 pound test and come on down!! We only have room this weekend on Saturday afternoons 3pm to 8pm trip.  Please book online! 


Very Good Action today for Blues up to 6 pounds!  Jim Stieves has his limit before 9:30am and tossed back over 15 more.  The smaller A-17 & 27 plain jigs worked best but most all jigs caught fish today.  The Wednesday gang all had limits of Blues and tossed back many.  Ava, 13, from Quakertown PA, had 7 Blues  not bad for her first deep sea trip.  


Monday provided Hot and Fast Action with 1-4 pound blues leading to a quick Boat Limit of Blues before 9:30am.  The blues slowed up shortly after so we hit a couple of wrecks and picked at tasty Ling the rest of the day. 


The day started off well with a few good cracks at the Blues to 4 pounds.  Some had limits of Blues before 8:15AM!  The Sea Bass jig bite was on most of the moring and many customers had their limit or were close by 10:30.  The tide started to run and the fishing slowed to a halt come 11:30am.  The rest of the day plus the afternoon just plain stunk.  Now that Sea Bass season is closed we will concentrate on Blues & Bonito as well as Ling and other local species 



A fine day aboard calm seas and good action! 


Action was good today but slower than Friday. Plenty of Blues plus many sea bass! 


Phenomenal Day! Lots of Blues to 4 pounds plus our first Bonito.  After 8:30am we made a move and had lots of Sea Bass and most had a limit of Sea Bass all on jigs. Very Good Day. We have a few open spots Sunday & Monday afternoon.  Tuesday & Wed mornings are almost full, so boom your spots now 


Great Sea Bass Action this morning! Lots of quality fish and the jigs worked best. The Ketchum Family chartered the boat and had a blast! The small group picked up the jigging quick and put together a boat limit of Sea Bass by 11:00AM.  With the rain and fog still hanging on they opted for an early return after filling the coolers. 


Still bouncy with the NE winds since Sunday.  The Blues were all over the river when I was leaving this morning.  We drifted the river until 9:30 picking at the Blues on jigs and SP minnow top water plugs.  Ended up with over 100 Blues to our largest Bluefish of the season, an 8 pounder won the pool.  The ocean never really calmed but we bounced our way off the beach and picked a little at the sea bass.  Jim Stieves has over a dozen Blues along with a few Sea Bass. 


Tuesday provided nice jigging action for Blues up to 5 pounds!  After a couple hours of jigging Blues we finished up picking some Sea Bass 


Monday produced 2-3 pound  Blues on jigs until 11am  Felix was hi-hook with 14 Blues to 4 pounds  the surprise was his son Chris jigged a nice Cod to win the pool.  
Monday afternoon  produced OLD TIME JIG ACTION for Blues to 5 pounds plus a Striper to win the pool   We had a boat limit of Blues with plain 27 jigs working best 



Sunday was Tough, Windy & Rough!  We did pick at fish slow ans Bert was Hi-hook with 8 keeper Sea Bass and released a couple nice Tog.  Marion pictured here caught all the keepers for Ken to show off below.  A fat king won the pool in the morning. Weather calmed early afternoon giving way to a nice afternoon and better action for our 3-8 afternoon trip 


Saturday we had David Macko and friends aboard! Westher was perfect and the action bounced back well. The group had fun and a cooler full of keeper Sea Bass! Very Good Day! 


Gorgeous Day on the water, maybe the nicest day of the year so far!  Fishing was not as good as the weather.  We  picked a dozen Blues early before heading off to the bottom fish grounds.  We picked and plucked but there was no real pace to it.  


No Sail too rough 


Phenomenal Action all day! Unfortunately, we are all Thursday trips are canceled due to rough sea conditions forecast.  The winds are supposed to shift and lighten leave Friday gorgeous! Hope to see ya aboard


Monday & Tuesday produces nice catches of Sea Bass with limits of Sea Bass for many.  Good quality sized Sea Bass are still in the mix but the ratio is getting a little tougher.  The action has been pretty darn steady for weeks except for a couple off days. Blues have been around since Sunday when we had a couple good hours of jigging 2-4 pound Blues. 


This weekend saw variety: Sea Bass, Ling, Blues, Mackerel & Striped Bass   Sunday we had our first real action with Blues on jigs to 4 pounds   Many limits and Hi-hook had over 15 Bluefish.  When the wind calmed we left the blues and picked nicely with the Sea Bass  Saturday was great early for quality sea bass, some Ling and many mackerel. After 10am the savage bite slowed dramatically.  The afternoon trip produced very well for Sea Bass and Ling.  Overall, the fishing continues very good


Just a pick today. We did manage to put a catch together but much slower than I have been used to. Chuck Noona won the pool with one of his 7 keeper Sea Bass. Nick & his daughter Diane had a nice catch too. Let's hope it bounces back tomorrow!  Next trips with availability are Monday & Tuesday 


Sea Bass action was slow early and very good late this morning! The afternoon was similar.  In the end a fine catch was put together.  The warmer weather has things changing.  Seems like more Blues are filtering into the area.  Stripers are showing in the bunker schools past few days and I have read Stripers a bunch this week. I jumped out with Cole on our little boat earlier this week and had a fun evening.  I have added some Magic Hour trips June 10, 11, 15 & 18 



Many Early Limits this morning! 


Slow start with another good finish! 

Many Limits and quality Sea Bass. 


Sunday & Monday produced better as the day grew long. Picked early but better action as the day progressed. Jigs still working as well or better than bait.  Some Ling, whiting, Blues and even an odd giant Striper mixed in. 


Refridgeration Design with another FANSTASTIC trip! Great Sea Bass action on jigs! Lots of quality Sea Bass, along with a few Ling, writing and Blues this AM,


Another Fantastic Day aboard! 

Limits of Sea Bass

We are completely Sold Out this weekend.

With limited capacity many trips are getting full and sold out before the trip date.  Book online, if we cancel due to weather we are happy to reschedule or refund if necessary 


Many Limits of Sea Bass to 18" before 10am this morning 


BOAT LIMIT both trips


Monday & Tuesday provided solid action for Sea Bass with some Ling a few Blues and an odd Cod along with some Boston Mackerels   Tons of action at times and many limits If Sea Bass since we have been allowed to sail.  This afternoons 5 hour afternoon  Sea Bass trip was OUTSTANDING!  The best was the jigging was insane as the sea bass were on sandeels. Boat limit and in early! TRIPS WITH OPENINGS: Wed afternoon, Thur & Friday AM TRIPS still have a few spots each, along with about 8 open spaces for Saturday's afternoon trip. Trips are selling out quickly with the strict 25 passenger limits in place. Please you are urged to go to the schedule page find the trip you like and book it online. 







Another fantastic day on the Sea Bass and Ling grounds today.  We had about an hour of rain but otherwise flat calm and dry.  Most had a limit of Sea Bass and a bunch of Ling. A FAT winter flounder won the pool.  We are canceled due to rough seas tomorrow, Sunday. Monday, Memorial Day, is Sold Out! This week's weather looks very nice! We have some room on all trips except for Saturday is already sold out and next Sunday has about 10 spots left. Please purchase on our site site. We are only taking mid-20's max everyday so weekends and weekdays are all spread out well for Social Distancing. Remember you must have a mask to board 


Very Nice Day! Calm seas and bright sunshine all morning Plenty of Sea Bass, many limits along with some Ling and a Cod won the pool.  We are Sold Out thru the weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday are forecast nice and we have a few spots Left both days. Remember, all tickets are to be purchased online and we are limited to 25 passengers max! Social Distancing and masks required  



Great Opening Day for the Queen Mary! We followed the Executive Order guideline and took an 8 man charter this morning.  The Wednesday Gang had a blast! They were as happy as Erik and I to be out on the ocean.  A early boat limit of Sea Bass along with a bunch of Ling made it even better!! Looks like most of the week is crap weather.  We will try again Friday. Remember, please book online @  to limit personal transactions and bring a mask.  See ya aboard!






April 12,

Hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful Easter sheltered in place.  Passover sedars were attened via zoom as well as many folks Easter Church Services.  

Spring has sprung and some fish are here but we will not be attempting to sail until the restrictions are lifted.  I hope we can sail by mid-May! If we are opened up on a limited basis I will let everyone know the details as I get the information.  WIth any luck maybe it will turn out to be a fruitful season after all this darkness has past us by.  

Tuna/Mahi trips are on the schedule!

The tuna/mahi deposits are non-refundable.

This season to hold your space is a deposit of $73, same as the daily adult rate.  

If  tuna trip gets canceled and you cannot reschedule for another offshore trip, your deposit can be used toward any type of trip on the schedule.  

Hope to see ya aboard sooner than later 

Capt Dave 



Spring will be here before we know it!!!


With the weekend forecast complete crap! We will call is a WRAP for the 2019 season!  The crew of the Queen Mary would like to thank everyone for making 2019 a terrific season!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!! See ya in Spring 2020



Sunday Dec 8 was another FANTASTIC ACTION DAY! 

Unfortunately, the Weather goes to SHIT after today. If Friday and the weekend look ok we will go. If not, it will be a wrap for the 2019 season. 


Saturday’s light crowd was delighted with good action again today!  A bonus fish for all plus some over fish as well for folks to bring home. Lots of short action too.  With the long term forecast crappy after tomorrow. If you want a last shot at the bass COME ON DOWN TOMORROW before it’s too late. Looks warm and calm tomorrow!!


FRIDAY PRODUCED SPECTACULAR ACTION ON JIGS & Top-water! Hi-hook had over 40 Bass! This weekend looks good but weather gets tougher as we get deeper into December. Come on down while the action is HOT



Wednesday Dec 4th 

Tons of Action! Many with 15-20 fish each.  We will fish again Friday Saturday & Sunday.  Hope to see ya aboard!!



Saturday was the first tough day in a while!  We did catch fish but not nearly enough. Hi Hook was 5 for Jim Stieves & Ken Fuchs.  Both had a bonus fish as well to take home. We have been lucky this season with only a few days when I see lots but catch only some. The fish we caught were buldging as their belly's were over full.  We will sail on a limited schedule sailing on the nice days only. 
wednesday, Friday Saturday & Sunday 


Very Fast Action early today with Bass up to 35"



Another successful Thanksgiving 
Striper trip aboard the Queen. Action all morning with Stripers up to 35".  Hope to see ya aboard this weekend!


FANTASTIC ACTION start to finish today!! Lots of fish up to 38” The bulk were 22-29” Hi-hook was close to 20 fish! Plain jigs best with the green tail a close second.  We will he sailing daily 7:30am except for Thanksgiving Day special 6am departure


Another Fine Day aboard the Queen Mary!! Solid action on jigs until 10:30am then slow until after 12:30 when we picked some nicer fish! Weather continues UNBELIEVABLE for late November.   Hope to see ya aboard for the last Marathon of the season 6:30am departure


AWESOME ACTION FOR BASS TO 38". Great weather for Monday & Tuesday 


Very Nice Action all morning! After 12:30-2 was slow then we picked close to home late in day. Very Good Action overall.  Gary & Bert tied for Hi-hook at 15 each! Pool winner went 31" 


SUPER SUPER ACTION TODAY!! Hi-hook Mike Payne with over 30 bass to 33" Brian & Bryce combined for over 50 bass to 37". Today's Sloppy weather was what I call Striper Weather.  They love the slop! Saturday will be picture perfect: sunny, around 50 and calm.  Sunday back to slop but as stated already They love the slop!! 


Gorgeous Day!! Fishing was good but slower than the past couple days. Most had a bonus fish plus a few nicer fish aboard as well. Pool winner went 34" and we released well over 50 short fish. Green tail jigs again worked best.  Weather this weekend is best Saturday. Sunday will be sloppy but the Stripers like it sloppy. Hope to see you aboard. 


AWESOME ACTION!! Many limits today hi-hook had close to 20 Bass!  Pool winner went 37” and over 20 pounds.  Green-tail A-47 best lure today.  Thursday weather is BEST OF THE WEEK. Hope to see ya aboard!!


SUPER ACTION EARLY SO FAR THIS AM! The day was set after the first hour of HOT ACTION.  We had a few  limits before 8:30am and Bass up to 37"! Mid-day was picking a fish here and there.  The last hour and a half was constant action for shorts and bonus size fish.  Bert was high hook with over a dozen bass.  Weather looks nice for Wednesday and GORGEOUS for Thursday and Saturday




Another FINE DAY OF ACTION!! Shads worked best today providing a boat limit of the Bonus size fish plus many short fish tossed back.  NO SAIL thru Monday due to Rough Seas forecast thru Monday. Tuesday we should be able to sail the weekly marathon trip. See ya aboard



Top water, shads, mojos and jigs all worked with shads best 



Tuesday more of the same AWESOME ACTION!! 




hi-hook had over a dozen bass many folks had 6+. 2-3oz plain diamond jigs as well as 5"-6" shads worked best



Good Action again today!  About time we were able to get back to back good action days!! Hi-hook Charlie with 7 bass to 29”. We had lots of shorts and many had a bonus fish to take home. A few lucky patrons got their bonus plus a keeper. Remember, 6:30am departures Monday.  Tuesday looks like rain and windy just a crap day. Hoping you join us Monday.  If you are scheduled for Tuesday please consider coming Monday.  


Very Nice Action for Stripers to 29" today! The few who braved the cold were treated to a calm, sunny, very nice day by 9am. Found a nice area of mixed size stripers this morning.  Lots of birds, fish swirling and breaking water, along with readings.  Many had 4-8 bass today getting a bonus fish and or a keeper too.  The 6" shads (white) worked best today along with jigs to persuade the Stripers to bite.  Once the tide ended around the noon the action considerably slowed.  Warmer temps the next couple day, so come on down and get your Striper! We will make Monday a extra marathon trip departing at 6:30am and returning 3:30pm. Tuesday weather is fishable but Monday looks much nicer.  Hope to see ya aboard 


Friday NO SAIL too windy


Today was the up day! The Action was better as we picked at slot sized fish to 27" along with many shorts tossed back.  Still not crazy action but for Striper fishing acceptable.  I always want more but beggars can't be choosers.  We had a number of JUMBO BONITO mixed in today as well.  Lou DiAngelo had a big Bonito, a slot Striper and a few shorts tossed back. Friday is a NO SAIL. THE WEEKEND LOOKS CALM WITH Sunday the warmer day 


The Yo-yo season continues! One day good the next slow.  After very good action Tuesday, Wednesday was slow. We did capture some slots and shorts and see lots swirl and splash throughout the day.  Lets hope Thursday is a up day!! See ya aboard 


BEST ACTION so far this Striper Season!! Big FISH early all on jigs today. Later I found an area of smaller fish willing to chew. We picked slot sized fish with shorts most of the mid day into the early afternoon.  Rental rod customer using a 47 green tail won the pool with a 46” fish. Weather looking good for Wednesday and very good for Thursday. Friday looks terrible. See ya aboard


A few QUALITY STRIPERS TODAY! Slow overall but what we caught was HUGE. 


Much Better today vs Saturday! Lots of life showed up early and late today and produced some Quality Bass to 48"  Stoney & Ken tied for the pool with a couple of mid 40 pound Stripers! Bob Gieson got one a Kroc, while Ahren tricked his with a 47 green tail.  Looked very fishy out there today! Weather looking Awesome for Monday.  Tuesday thru Thursday look nice as well, calm seas predicted thru Thursday. See Ya Aboard 



Weather was SUPER but the fishing was a complete hack today 



Weekend thru early week weather looking great for early Novmeber! Hope to See you aboard

We did not sail on Tursday or Friday too rough


Started off promising! Fish swirling and marked plenty of fish. First few drifts produced some Bass to 46" along with some Albies and a Big Bonito.   Unfortunately, it was all over by 10:30☹️☹️☹️.  We managed only a couple more fish all day after that 


Good Day! Nice start for the Marathon Trips! Jim Steel missed 3 and boated 2, Ray was hi-hook boating 3 to 47" all on jigs with the green-tail 47 the best again. Gold Diamond did catch a couple as well as Gold Kroc  


Well, we did get more bites than Friday! Actually we saw lots of fish at times this morning on top splashing around but the bites were few and far between. For what I saw, it could have been a very good day if they were on the feed. The fish boated were very large, Rich won the pool with a 48" fish beating out a 46.5" fish.  We lost more than we caught. Sunday is a NO GO BLOWOUT! Monday is a private event. Tuesday is our first Marathon trip, it’s OPEN BOAT, departs 6:30am and return late afternoon. Weather right now looks calm for Tuesday. Hope to see ya aboard




Great Start to the Striper Season today!  Green tail 27-67's worked best. We did get some on plain jigs as well as Krocs. Weather looks very nice again for Friday into Saturday.  Monday we are chartered and Tuesday is our first Striper Marathon.   Hope to see ya aboard. 


Overall was a tough weekend for us. A few Blues, some Albies and Bones plus some Sea Bass too.  The highlight was Billy from Philly's surprise Tuna at the whistle Subday afternoon.  Great fish Bill 


The Final Bonito/Alby special wasn't so special.  We did cover the board and have excellent action for Mackerel and lots of small Blues to keep busy. Some Bonito and a more Albies were picked early and one Alby here and there along with many Macks after 11am. Overall good action but more Bonito & Alby woukd have made it even better. NO SAIL WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY. WEEKEND IS LOOKING FABULOUS: Sunshine, calm and nice temps 


Monday was back to nice action!  Good mix of Small Blues with Bonito, Alby, Sea Bass & Porgy mixed in!  Hope to see ya for your last shot at Bonito & Alby tomorrow 6am leave.  Usually the mid October blow we are supposed to get this Wed -  Friday pushes these fish out of here. Hope to see ya aboard 


With a week of terrible weather forecasted we took advantage of the crap weather situation.  Knowing we would loose the whole week with rough sea the plan was get the bottom refreshed and knock off a couple projects early.  I want to thank the crew for ajob well done.  Cleaning puke is better than sanding, scraping, walking around scketchy scaffolding and painting.  Needless to say, its work that if I could pay double, I would gladly drop the boat off, and walk away.  Unfortunately, somehow,  its more than 10X the amount! So again, I thanks the crew for helping me in the effort to keep the Queen Mary looking nice! 

Pic 1 Monday we brought boat to the yard before the hard Southerly kicked in.  

Tuesday- Thursday 

The crew and myself put a few long days in getting the topside projects completed! Tuesday was VERY LONG day prepping the inside of the waist.  There is nothing wasy about this on the new boat.  There are all sorts of nooks and crannies to get around. Whoever designed this was not thinking about painting this or having to clean it everyday.  The Hull wasnt as hard but took all day and into the late evening to get ready for some filling and fairing before painting.  Wednesday and Thursday we painted 


We launched got her ready to sail and waited for the wind to subside to bring back to the dock


Well we have been waiting for the after labor day weather to begin and here it is and lots of crap weather to come!  We lost Tuesday, Thursday & Friday last week.  Saturday, with the NE wind supposed to ease late in morning, so we departed an hour late.  The moved worked out well as the first couple hours were rough but the last few were much nicer and the fish bit well late!  The last hour provided very good action making the day a good one.  Sunday on the other hand the wind was up way earlier than predicted and just kept getting harder.  Sunday the fishing sucked! We had 20 Blues and 2 Porgy before beating our way home in the hard Southerly.  This whole week the seas look rough! Monday is a NO SAIL


Monday we much rougher than predicted and made fishing almost impossible until late morning.  Once we could drift many rallied and we picked away at the Blues! George Hamway was Hi-Hook with a dozen Blues and a few Porgys.  Bob Gieson had 10+, Stoney threw a bunch ovr the rail  as well.  Ben hada bunch of Blues as well as an Alby.  Tuesday we did not sail.  Wednesday will be nice and the only nice day until this weekend.  I hope to see ya aboard Tomorrow Wedensday


Picked early, slow in the middle and Very Good the last hour! Was planning on fishing a bit longer than usual until a errant cast landed and stuck in a deckhands head! So in we went and after 1/2 hour at the ER the hook was out and Cole still has some brain cells left. Overall it ended up being a nice day and a good catch. Weather should be good for Monday. See ya aboard



Lots of Albys with some Bonito and a few Spanish in the mix! The Blues were gone but the action was steady on pink lures.  Pink Daddy Mac and epoxy jigs were best Saturday.  


A gorgeous day and the  light crowd experienced a wonderful action with lot of ALby and Blues along with Bonito & Spanish Mackerel.  


Lots of Action today with everything on the menu! The next 2 Thursdays are special Bonito/Alby/School Bluefin trips. Rough conditions made fishing the light soft plastic stuff nearly impossible. I have to believe if we could have used the Tsunami Split tails we would have had even more Bonito & other exotics. Weather looks SUPER Friday into the weekend. I will head to the same area tomorrow for our Daily 7:30am trip. Hope to see ya aboard



Gorgeous Day after a very rough Tuesday! The Blues were there but tough to catch.  Maybe the worst day in 6 weeks! We did have a hi-hook with 10 Blues and others had 4-6 Blues but many didnt. Whereever I seemed to go today the big Sea Bass (not in season) seemed to be hungry but that doesnt help when they all go back.  Nordy, had  5 Blues a bunch of Sea Bass and 2 Alby so those who turned the handles had a catch.  Weather looks nice thru the weekend.  Hope to see ya aboard 


Tuesday the weather forecast was a bit off and the conditions were basically unfishable most of the day.  We did manage a dozen or so Mahi to make something out of nothing.  The report was ROUGH


Monday was a tale of two halves! Morning, we picked the occasional fish most drifts.  The area seemed dead compared to what had been going on most days the past few weeks. Satu & Sunday got better and better as the day went along.  Around 11:30am all of a sudden bait was all over and whales began going crazy.  The next few driftswe began to pick blues steady.  Around noon, Blues were on top.  Jigs & top water plugs worked well.  The last hour we held multiple fish on with shots of 4-6 on at a time. Ended up being a very nice and productive day! Bob Gieson & 'Big Game Jack held their own but neither could catch Stony who somehow put on a clinic.   Plain and green tailed 27's worked equally well this afternoon.  We head off for Tuna/Mahi @ 3am tonight for Tuesday.  Wednesday 7:30am departure and Thursday is our Bonito, Alby, Mahi inshore special 6am departure.  Weather looks good for all so SEE YA ABOARD 


Another fine day of jigging Blues with many dinner plate sized porgy mixed in! Lots of Whales in the area to make the day interesting too.  Saw a whale full breach 3 times today.  Weather looks ok for Monday.  Tuesday we are offshore for Tuna/ Mahi with 4 open spots.  Wednesday's weather looks maybe best of week, normal 7:30am departure.  Thursday is another 6am Special Bonito / Albacore special.  Finally, Friday thru the weekend is our normal 7:30am to 2pm daily Blues with other local species trip.  See ya aboard! 


FANTASTIC ACTION! Blues to 10 pounds 

Hi hook had over 30


Friday's Special Bonito & Alby trip worked out very well! A nice Mix of Bonito, lots of Alby, about 20 Spanish Mackerel and plenty of Blues too! Very Nice day after the wind diminished late in the morning. Jigs and Tsunami Split tails worked best 



Canceled Tuesday & Wednesday due to Rough Seas. 

We will shift Thursdays Bonito, Alby special to Friday morning leaving 6:30am and return 2:30pm.  Its still blowing but supposed to calm nicely tomorrow afternoon leaving us with a nice Friday.  Hope to see ya aboard. If you have a prepay or a reservation and can join us Friday no need to call. If You need to reschedule give a call or shoot an email


Mondays offshore trip for Kristina Raudy's group did well with Mahi! We did loose a nice tuna and fight some bigger sharks as well.  Unfortunately, this cold front will bring windy rough conditions for a few days.  Watch the reports as we may loose Tuesday - Thursday due to NE conditions. Friday looks like the next nicer day



Just a FANTASTIC day for the Ronnie’s group from Westrock. Blues, Bonito, Alby and Spanish Mackerel were all on the menu.



Slow overall both trips  Some Blues but still rough


Friday the 13th! NO SAIL too rough


Thursday’s Bonito/Alby Special was Great!! 
Lots of Alby with Bonito, Spanish & King mackerel and a nice Mahi too. At times if you let your jig hit the bottom it was all the 2-4 pound Blues you wanted. Great weather, customers, and the fishing was wonderful. 
Please remember we are SOLD OUT thru Monday. There is 1 spot left for Tuesdays Tuna/Mahi trip. Wednesday thru
next weekend there is
plenty of room at this time


Solid Blues both morning and afternoon on Wednesday!


Tuna/Mahi Tuesday 

Fanstastic Mahi-mahi Action on Bait & jigs 

Searched long & hard for hours looking for the tuna but struck out picking a few Mahi on a weedline near the Texas Tower.  Later in the day we found another area of weed and the Mahi action was best on bait after the jigs would get us started when we would pull back up to the area.  We worked the area until we had a boat limit of Mahi-mahi to 15 pounds and headed home a bit late 



Another Fantastic Day aboard the Queen Mary for Blues to 9 pounds! The Wen Gang chose Monday as the weather looked great plus we are holding Corp Events Wed, Friday - Sunday this week.  The only open boat trip this week is Thursday Sept 12 6am departure for Bonito, Alby & Mahi 


Back at it after our first Tropical System off our coast this summer season! Dorian was quick but nasty for 14-18 hour but the sea settled quickly and SUnday was very nice on the water.  The Blues cooperated very well from mid-morning until 1pm.  A bit larger than before the storm with many 5-6 pounders and pool winner about 8 pounds.  Brothers Ian & Owen pictured below had a wonderful day! 


NO SAIL Friday & Saturday due to Hurricane Dorian 


Pic is the first cooler full before 10am for 10 people fishing Had Steven King's group from PA aboard today.  The winds and seas were up this AM so it was slow going getting up the area we have been in the past couple of weeks.  The Blues were picky at first but as the sea calmed the fishing got stronger.  In the end, we had another fantastic catch by noon and went home early! All ya wanted the last hour! Blues are averaging 3-4 pounds and largest fish of the day was 7 pounds.  We will be in Friday & Saturday due to the passage of Hurricane Dorians presence tomorrow late day.  Saturday the storm will be gone but will take the day for things to calm. Sunday and Monday look very nice.  We are open boat only the following days this week: Sunday & Monday normal 7:30am departure plus Thursday's special Bonito, Alby, School Tuna & Mahi Trip departs 6am 


Fantastic Action Continued! 


The great Bluefish Action held up thru the whole Holiday weekend into todays trip for All State Septics annual charter.  All the Blues you could reel this morning to 7 pounds.  Plain & tailed jigs working equally well if reeled quickly.  We had a handful of Bonito and some mackerel mixed today as well!  Wednesdays weather looks good.  Get down before the storm begins to affect our area. Never know what a big storm will do to this great fishing.  Hope to see ya aboard tomorrow, Wednesday


Another SUPER DAY PLUS the Weather cooperated much better! Bright sunshine calm seas and lots of Blues on jigs. Friday’s weather looks even better. Hope to see ya aboard


We were back in action for the day trips today after a few days off due to rough sea conditions on the ocean!  Couldnt have gone better except for the raindrops at times.  The Blues were snapping and many had limits or close to it.  The Blues were a bit larger today as they averaged 3 pounds with many 4& 5 pounders in the mix.  A few nice Spanish Mackerel were in the mix as well as a Bob Gieson's 21" Fluke taken on a jig.  The pool winner was a 7 pound Bluefish.  Small diamonds plain or with a tail worked well as did most 2-4OZ jigs.  Weather looking very nice through the weekend so come on down while the fishing is HOT.  See ya aboard



SUNDAY & Monday morning trips only are Canceled due to Rough Sea Conditions


Fast Paced for Blues up to 4 pounds all on jigs 



Took a while to come together today, but in the end the day was a success!  Lots of Blues on jigs to 4 pounds with a few Spanish Mackerel mixed in.  Saturday is forecast to be bouncy. Please consider motion sickness medication if fishing with us this weekend. See ya aboard 


Repeat of yesterday’s performance!
All the Blues you could want. lets hope it lasts a while. Friday is BEST weather of the next few days. See ya aboard


Wednesday Aug 21 

LIMITS OF BLUES! Fast Action jigging for Blues up to 5 pounds.  Most people when I asked said they lost count of how many they caught! 




Tuesday Tuna/Mahi

All Mahi on this one to 13 pounds! Pool winner was Richie"1000" with a quality Mahi taken on bait.  Bait definitely was the ticket as the Wedneday Gang had more than the rest of the boat combined.  New Bob was Hi-Hook with 5, Ray & Richie were close behind with 4 each.  


Fine Day aboard the Queen of the Fleet! We went a different direction today as the inshore Bluefish bite slowed up yesterday. The gamble payed off, LOTS of Bonito with some Alby mixed in. Took a while to find em and get em going but once we did both Jigs and bait worked, bait was actually better today for the first tome this year. Remember we are now Tuna/Mahi fishing every Tuesday unless noted here. See ya aboard Wed thru the weekend for our 7:30am to 2pm sailing. See ya aboard.



Another Nice Day! The paces was not as fast but we still had plenty. Blues, Bonito, Sea Bass & a few Spanish Macks plus Chubb Macks too. Monday i will look another direction, hoping for more Bonito in the mix.




Now is the time if you want Blues and to get the kids out fishing! 


Another Great Day for jigging Blues to 5 pounds!  Good Action all day for mainly Blues with a few Bonito in the mix.  We had a group of 3 boys 11-14 and their Dad combine for over 80 Blues, WOW! Many folks uad their limit of 15 before 11am.  Weather continues very nice for Sunday & Monday.  


Found the first False Albies of the season along with a few Bonito and lots of Sea Bass and Ling. Please join us Friday - the weekend! Thursday is a private event


Slow day overall today with a nice surprise! We looked around offshore found the clean water and sand eels but only one fish. Ken’s first ever Tuna! Taken on a hammered A-17 plain diamond jig reeling fast. We picked & plucked at Sea Bass before and after ending up with a bunch of keepers and some had their limit. WEATHER: Monday & Friday weather looking Best ! COME ON DOWN


We did not fish Wednesday!  Today was a very nice day on the water. The hard rain last night and the weather forecast for this morning scared all the people away. So the lightest crowd since before Fathers day enjoyed an absolutly perfect day on the ocean. Calm seas, sunny skies and temps around 80 produced good action all day. A boat limit of Sea Bass, about 30 Blues and all the mackerel you could want to reel up.  Weather shaping up to be EXCELLENT for the next bunch of days into early next week. Hope to see ya aboard 


Bonito were back today!  Max & Alex combined for 5  Auggie had 6 himself. Estelle & Charlie combined for 8 Bonito!! Small diamond jigs worked best today      I planned to go looking when we left today, The travel from spot to spot in search of took longer than i had hoped.  We had 5 fish in the boat at noon.  From Noon to 1:15 we put together a catch. Weather looks best Friday into the weekend. Wednesday seems iffy with T-storms and a funny marine forecast. Thursday should be nice. FRIDAY LOOK BEST.  See ya aboard


Great Day Boat limit of Sea Bass to 4 pounds! Many mackerel mixed

in during the afternoon along with some Blues too. SUPER WEATHER 

forecast thru the weekend into early next week.  Sunday we are SOLD OUT in the morning 


Was a very nice day until we docked at 2pm just as the T-storms hit.  We picked at Sea Bass most of the day with lots of limits.  We did get a bunch of Mackerel and a few Blues today as well


8am this morning i ran into an area of slicks and lots of chicks. Read a bunch of Tuna down deep wheeled the boat around. We were on the drift 5 minutes when HOOKUP!! Within minutes of the first fish hooked up we were tight with 7 fish!! Only boated 2 Bluefins out of 10 hooked up today along with some very Quality Mahi-mahi. 



Dirty water screwing up things today! Offshore was slow for the early boats so I poked around inside and actually ended up better of.  Picked at Macks most of the day with some Blues and Bonito mixed in.  Even had a few Black-tip sharks too.  Dan & Dan Jr had fun and got a couple Bones and a bunch of Blues too.  The Demello family had a mixed bag including the rare Ribbonfish.  Bert had alot of Macks a couple Bonito a couple Blues and fought a shark to end the day.  Not the best but better than most today for us.  Hope to see ya aboard Monday




Happy Birthday to Capt Dave & Capt JB 

We picked at mainly Blues today with Bonito mixed in.  Not as steady as its been but plenty of fish around the boat. The boys pictured had 15+ Blues and 1 Bonito. Pete Ziemba captured 18 Blues and 3 Bonito.  Weather looking SUPER into early next weekww



Another FANTASTIC DAY! Don’t miss out on the best mid-summer fishing in many years!! If you are going us on the weekend be aboard by 7AM  



Capt JB at the helm today! The morning was a bit tough but after a few mile move, the fish starting flying over the rails.  Lots of Bonito with some Blues and Mackerel.  Another nice day aboard! Weather looking very nice for the next few days! This is Light Tackle Action! If you have a spinner with 12-20 pounds test grab it and COME ON DOWN.    

Hope to see ya Aboard  


Wednesday provided just OK action for Bonito, Bluefish & Macks. The bouncy conditions and hard current slowed a bite a bit. We had to anchor instead of drift and with lots of current it made it difficult for many to fish well. Thursday & Friday forecast is sunny 80’s and CALM conditions. Hope to see ya aboard.

Jim Stoltenborg out for his first this this season has 12 Bonito, 3 Macks and a Bluefish. We did pick Bonito around the boat all day with some Blues and mackerel mixed in as well. 


Another Fun Day of Bonito & Bluefish! More Blues in the mix today compared to yesterday. Denise had a great day! She mastered the Tsunami Split tail technique and caught over a dozen Bonito and a couple Blues. Gary Rossnagel had over 25+ Bonito plus few Blues. The Heat Wave breaks tonight! Monday the calm weather continues, so dont miss out on the BEST BONITO FISHING EVER FOR JULY!!



The Bonito Action contined Saturday for the General Plumbing Supply group!  The jigs prodiced but the 5" Tsunami Split tails were the hot lure today.  Light Tackle Spinning gear 15 pound test is perfect this fishery.  Sunday continued Calm! See ya aboard 

Don't Wait this SUPER BONITO ACTION could be over before we all want it to end  


GREAT DAY! Lots of Blues to 5 pounds early. After 10:30 it slowed a bit so i tossed the Hail Mary and it worked out! LOTS OF BONITO. WE ARE SOLD OUT SATURDAY AM. Some room for the afternoon trip Saturday. Sunday still has plenty of room. Hope to see ya aboard.


What a SUPER DAY! Bonito & Blues all ya wanted after, Ling Slinging drop & reel fishing 

WHAT AN OUTSTANDING DAY!! The Shore House Party Boat Fishing Trip was a blast today. We split the day between bottom and top water. BOTH PROVIDED VERY WELL. Ling & Sea Bass in the AM and lots of Bonito & Blues in the afternoon. Hope ti see ya aboard tomorrow 7:30am!!




Fun day aboard for the Gang from We Cool Toys! Lots of Sea Bass & Ling plus a few Bonito. The surprise of the day was the shark action with small spinner sharks. Tomorrow we are Sold Out, so please join us Tuesday afternoon @ 3:30pm or on Wednesday morning.



Good shots of blues early and late today. Bunch of Bonito in the mix too!  Please consult our schedule/calendar as we are very busy this week. Morning trips with opening this are Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.  Afternoons trips all have plenty of room. Hope to see ya Aboard!!


Another successful day for Bluefish & Bonito mixed in! Small diamond jigs and a teaser above has been the best combo. Today, was a little slower than the past week but plenty good enough. Ken & Marion combined for their 30 fish limit. Bert all smiles got a bunch of Blues plus 3 Bonito. Weather looks OUTSTANDING FOR SUNDAY. Hope to see ya aboard



Another FANTASTIC BONITO & Blues jigging day!! Don’t miss out as this action will not last forever. Call in sick, grab your light tackle, and join us tomorrow! Gonna be another great day on the water. COME ON DOWN



Another SUPER day jigging Bluefin Tuna to 100 pounds! Next trips are July 23 & 30 First light brought the larger fish.  We hooked 10 before 8:30 fighting most over 30 minutes. Boated our limit of 2 over 47" fish and released another 4.  Heard of some action in another area with all smaller fish, so I ran 45 minutes and it was worth it! We drifted for over 2 hours holding 1-4 tuna on almost the whole time. Everything was on jigs: Regular diamonds, Nomads, PB & J's as well as Mettalic Sardines.  We are back to Blues & Bonito departing 7:30am until then. Weather looks calm and dry next few days. Grab your light tackle and climb aboard tomorrow!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sky, outdoor, water and nature
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature


What an AWESOME Day!! Maybe the BEST BONITO Action I have ever seen for early July.  Hi-Hook had well over 20 Bonito plus a limit of Bluefish.  I even grabbed a rod and got a dozen quick before going to running around taking off fish for folks. We are offshore Wednesday, so we will be back looking for the Blues, Bonito & Macks the rest of the week.  Thursday & Friday will be dry until late along with calm conditions. So grab your light tackle and COME ON DOWN!


Another good day of jigging Blues, Bonito & Macks! Weather is BEST of week for Tuesday. Hope to see ya aboard. Only 3 spots left for this Wednesday’s Tuna, Mahi & Jumbo Bluefish trip

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and water
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, outdoor and water


Another Fantastic Day! Many folks had limits of Bluefish well before 11am. Bonito & Mackerel in the mix too. Jim Stieves had over 50 Blues.  Great Light Tackle Action! Perfect weather forecasted for Tuesday!! Monday will be good but Tuesday looks best


Another Super Day with Limits of Blues the rule! More Mackerel were in the mix today to spice the catch. A light spinning setup with 15 pound test is perfect for this action. If joining us bring a cooler 40-60quart in size. We sell ice on the dock, so your fish stay perfect in the summer heat. See ya aboard


Monday July 1:

What a gorgeous day it turned out to be! Joe had a nice pollock to win the pool, plus a cooler full of Ling and a Sea Bass Limit for his party of 3. Nicole, Kayla and family easily combined for 80+ mackerel, plus a bunch of cocktail Blues & Sea Bass too. Lonnie had fun with Macks then concentrated on the bottom. He ended up with 25+ ling and a limit of Sea Bass. A few nicer Bonito were in the menagerie too. SUPER WEATHER CONTINUES FOR TUESDAY. See Ya Aboard


Sunday June 30

Screwy Conditions to start the day! We picked some ling, Cocktail Blues and macks but not enough early,  I took a ride looking found a couple dozen more small Blues.  Late we had nice action for Blues, Macks and some Ling.  Weather looks GORGEOUS Monday & Tuesday.  Sea Bass reopens tomorrow Hope to see you aboard 


Saturday June 29:

Vijay and his group had a nice day on the water.  This trip is about a day out a few drinks and maybe some fish.  We fished Bankers Hours departing at 10am and returning around 4pm.  Fluke action early and Ling late to get some food for the table.  Sunday we will be looking for the mixed bag.  Blues, Macks, Bonito, Ling and who knows what else



Friday, ALL the Mackerel you could want this morning! Brett Leshinski had a SUPER DAY: 3 Bonito, 6 Blues, 35+ Macks plus some Ling! Little Ella pictured below, had over 30 Mackerel plus a few ling and tossed back a few keeper size sea bass(season is closed until July) Planning on joining us this weekend, Sunday is the nicer day and we have plenty of room. We are sold out Saturday already. Most of the week we fished for Ling. Thursday, the Macks showed up in force later in the day.  We have seen small Blues and a few Bonito in the mix the past couple days too.  Pics are from Wed- Fri See ya aboard



Another GORGEOUS DAY today. Monday will be more of the same beautiful weather.  Ken & Marion combined for almost 50 Ling today. Great Eats, My favorite fish to eat fresh LING!!


Saturday June 22

After a very tough weather day Friday, Saturday was bright sunshine, warm temps, and nicer sea conditions.  This fishing was a pick at best most of the day.   The last drop provided good action along with a nice amount of keeper Sea Bass.  Overall it was a nice day but the fishing could have been a bit better.  The evening trip provided some nice keeper Sea Bass and lots of Ling.   Sunday and early weeks weather looks VERY NICE!  Hope to see ya aboard 


Wednesday June 19

Sea Bass & Ling have dominated the catch the past couple of days.  Today, a large winter Flounder won the pool. This afternoon we had Manasquan Fishing Club aboard and the Sea Bass were flying! Remember Sea Bass is closed after Saturday, so get down Thursday -Saturday to get your sea bass for dinner!   See ya aboard 


Monday June 17

Gorgeous Day on the water! Finally, a flat calm day.  Picked at the Blues until 11AM.  Billy from Philly was hi-hook with 6 Blues.  When the Blues stopped cooperating we switched it up and had Ling & Sea Bass action.  Nice Day for a change! We are privately chartered  Tuesday morning.  We have plenty of room tomorrow afternoon for Magic Hour.   Wednesday we have plenty of room.  See you aboard 


Happy Fathers Day! 

Well the Sloppy weather we have been experiencing all week continued today.  The winds are supposed to diminish this evening leaving us with a  very nice looking Monday.  Today we picked away at Sea Bass & Ling! For those who had sea leg and hung at the rail, they had a nice catch.  We had a very nice group aboard from Wounded Warriors!  Joining the group was longtime customer Dolly Harris.   Dolly is now wheelchair bound but we got her aboard and she had fun catching her first fish aboard the Queen Mary in over 3 years.  Below is John and son Bevin from Bristol, PA, what smiles from Father & son! 


Weekend June 8 & 9 

Today’s pool winner!!Saturday was another very good day with the Jumbo Blues all on jigs. Sunday saw spotty action, nothing close to what we had Friday & Saturday. We had some shots at them. The fish were in very shallow water so the ratio of hooked to boated was terrible. Monday is a NO GO due to rough seas and rain. We will have enough to sail Tuesday. Wednesday looks to be the nicest day of the week!!

See ya aboard


Friday June 7               

SUPER ACTION for Blues up to 16 pounds!  What a difference a day makes.  After a terrible day Thursday the Blues showed themselves a

early and it was game on! Didn't matter what type of lure you used it worked.  Who knows how long this wonderful action will last, so pack up your stuff and come on down.  If planning on a weekend, Sundays are usually less crowded vs Saturday


Wednesday June 5

No sail


Tuesday June 4 SUPER JUMBO BLUES TO 17 pounds on jigs! Magic Hour finally produced some nice Striped Bass too.  Glorious day to be aboard today, all the blues one coupd shake a stick at during the day trip. Chuck Noona won the pool with a 17 pound  Bluefish.  The Magic Hour produced Stripers to 28 pounds. Most were caught on the White Shads. Fireman Pete started us off with the largest bass of the evening.  Jim Steel wasnt far behind with a pair of nice fish.  Finally some bass to report. Wednesday looks windy, Thursday should be a great day after 8am its supposed to clear and be calm all day & night. Our Thursday Magic Hour Striper trip is very light, so take advantage of great weather and a light crowd. See ya aboard 


Monday June 3 

Nate Wollman had his group aboard for an early start this morning! We lucked into some good action with smaller Blues to 3 pounds all on jigs until 10:30am then finished the day with Sea Bass and one ofthe Best Dolphin Shows I have ever seen anywhere.  Great Day! Tuesday looks BEST for weather! The Wednesday Gang is coming down on Tuesday as WEdnesday looks windy from the South.  Late week is forecasted Nice! 


Sunday June 1

Absolutely a perfect day on the water! Flat calm,  bright sunshine, perfect temperature. Best part was the JUMBO BLUES ON JIGS!  Todays very light crowd was treated to some of the best Jumbo Bluefishing in a very long time! Jigs and top-water plugs all worked well for Blues up to 17 pounds.  Hope to see ya aboard this week  TUESDAY HANDS DOWN LOOKS LIKE THE BEST WEATHER OF THE WEEK! See ya aboard 


Saturday June 1 Super Blues & Sea Bass


Friday May 31

SUPER JIGGING FOR BLUES TODAY!  Finally, some great action today, too bad it was only for a handful of people. We had limits of Blues by 10am then headed for some Sea Bass to end the day.  Remember if you ste planning in heading down in the near future.  Saturday & Monday are SOLD OUT. See ya aboard Sunday 


Wednesday May 29

The weatherman blew the flat calm day! We got cold Fog and NE 20.  Long of the short is, it wasnt nice at all.  We did pick at Sea Bass and Ling 

Friday is looking best!  This weekend we are Sold Out Saturday morning.   Still room on Sunday morning as well as the Magic Hour Striper Trips 


Tuesday May 28 

Kevin Musto had his students from the Cooking Class he teaches as part of the Brick School system aboard today.  The day started off gorgeous, flat calm and sunny and warm.  The fishing was not so bright as the weather early.  As the weather turned for the worse the fish started to snap and the kids all were happy catching lots of Sea Bass and some Ling from 11am to 1pm.  The Blues and Bass popped up pretty good the past two days for a little bit both days.  I will head that direction tomorrow in hopes we run into the Big Blues and maybe a few Stripers too! Weather looks very nice! See ya aboard 


Monday Memorial Day

What a difference a day made!! Weather was nice for a second day in a row and the fish were biting for the first time in a few days.  Picked Sea Bass and ling around the boat all day. Plan on Wednesday! Tomorrow weather does not  look good. See ya aboard


Sunday May 26

Gorgeous Day on the water!! Super Dolphin show was the highlight of the day. We picked at Sea Bass here and there but it wasnt great action by any means. We had a fair amount of keeper Sea Bass but i would have liked more action all around.  Monday looks calm and nice too. First time in a while we may actually get 2 nice days on the water in a row. See ya aboard


Friday and Saturday May 24/25

Tough overall both days! Very windy on Friday for KA Appliance company charter.  We picked at the Sea Bass but not a ton of action.  Saturday was more of the same with a handful of Blues too.  Sunday weather looking ok Monday Best of the weekend  


Wed May 22

Much Better Day Wednesday! Lots of Sea Bass plus a late day surprise with some nice sized Jersey Jumbo Blues! The Wall High School Fishing Club was aboard today and they crushed it! Most of the kids are good fishermen and they knew how to jig sea bass. Diamond jig on bottom with a teaser above. Some had limits many were close along with lots of action! We jigged some nice Blues late in the day on our way in.


Tuesday May 21

The predicted Northwest winds 10-15 was a steady 20-25 all day and from the North.  Fishing again was tough most of the day.  Too Rough to look around where I caught some Sunday and read many on Monday.  I anchored up around 11am and we picked at the Sea Bass mainly shorts before heading back to the inlet to hope for some Blues on the outgoing tide.  The move paid off with us picking some Blues to end the day.  Weather Wednesday supposed to very nice! Hope to see ya aboard 


Monday 05/20

Another tough day.  We read the fish but couldnt get them to bite! Picked at the Sea Bass late.  Lets hope the NW wind tomorrow gets them going




Sunday May 19

Better today!   Found an area of Stripers but they had lockjaw! We did manage to get some bites and boat a handful to 30+ pounds!  9” white shads and the 6oz diamonds are what got the bites. I spent another couple hours searching in the area in hopes we could get another shot an them but only managed one more nice Striper! Ken & Marion using 9" white shads with 4oz. heads both had a nice fish.  The other bites were on Diamond Jigs.  WE finished the day jigging some Sea Bass and a couple Blues.  Overall not good enough but better, so heading in the right direction anyway.  Weather: Monday not so great, Tueday & Wednesday Best late week could be nice too but too far away to really tell 



Saturday May 18 

Always want to know how the fish know to turn off when we have a nice crowd aboard? Finally a real nice weekend day, lots of folks around and fishing was slow. Again a handful of Blues with a sprinkling of Sea Bass. Beautiful day at least.  Sunday looks nice too. See ya Aboard 


Friday May 17

Tough day overall.   Only manages a handful of Blues and the sea bass action was not good either. Windy conditions made it uncomfortable.  Tomorrow looks much nicer.  Let’s hope that helps the fishing! 


Thursday May 16 some Blues early then a nice pick at sea bass! Very Nice Day



May 15

Very nice action first few hours on the Blues to 14 pounds!  John Lahey won the pool.  Stoney was hi hook with 9 Blues and Bob Gieson was right behind him with 7 Blues.  When the acton slowed I ran off the beach and we picked at Sea Bass. Weather looking nice next bunch of days. Hope to see ya aboard! 


Saturday May 11 

Good Action with Bluefish to 17 pounds along with about 40 Boston Mackerel in the mix too. Andrew Ehala won the pool with a true Slammer Blue 17 pounder taken on a 9" white shad.  We will be sailing Tuesday, Wednesday Gang will be down Wednesday and weather best of week for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look good too.  See ya Aboard



May 4th

A very nice day made better with a nice shot of Stripers late in the day!  We had a few nice shots and picked at Striped Bass to 25 pounds. Large Shads worked best but smaller shads and jigs produced as well.  Was a very nice surprise after all the bad reports the past couple weeks.  We will NOT sail Sunday due to the rough conditions forecast.  Monday and most of the coming week looks nice.  See ya aboard Monday.  


Gorgeous Day on the water and great to see the regular customers who showed up for what they knew would probably be a boat ride.  Unfortunately, it was a boat ride with a couple Boston Mackerel to show for the effort.  We will try again Saturday.  See ya aboard 



MONDAY was our last day of the season! We had good action at times and many had a bunch of Stripers.  Mary was Hi-Hook with 8 Stripers.  Today we brought the boat to the boat yard to for yearly maintanence.  We plan to start the 2019 season late April or when the Stripers & Blues show up! 

Happy Holidays!  


Small group today enjoyed some decent action early.  We picked at a mix of Keepers to Short size fish early and late.  Weather looks good next couple days if you look at the hourly forecasts both Friday & Saturday will be dry most of the day.  Fishing will not be afftected by the rain either day.  Sunday the timeline looks like maybe we see a drop very early but probably all the rain will be before the sun comes up.  Sunday overall will be nice with warm temps into the 60's on Sunday.  Hope to see you aboard 


Great weather once the Giant Swell left over from the storm last night subsided.  Sunshine temps around 55 and a nice sea after 10am.  Fishing never got going and action was slow all day.  We did have one ok drift picking at short Stripers and loosing a keeper at the net. Otherwise we caught a few the rest of the day.  Weather looks tough for Monday, so NO SAIL Monday.  



Another good day with lots of action! Many short fish were released, high hook had over 10 fish. Rich & Andrew Ehala had wonderful day, combining for 17 Stripers to 25”. Tom won the pool with a 29” fish had a slot and released a bunch. Sunshine with temps in the mid 50’s and Westerly winds should make for a very nice Sunday! See ya aboard



The weather warmed up a bit and the fishing did too! Lots of keeper and slot size Stripers to go along many short bass. A bunch of limits were achieved. Pool winner was 36” fish caught by Luke 12 years old pictured below. Matt also pictured with 2 fish, had his limit early and totaled 5 fish to 18 pounds. All jigs again with chrome A-47 & 67 jigs working best. Weather warms into the 50’s tomorrow and will be a nice day until late in the afternoon. The rain will not bother you until almost dark Saturday. Sunday looks to be the last real NICE DAY of the year. Sunday forecast is for calm seas plus temps in the mid 50’s and abundant SUNSHINE. Remember we will fish thru next Sunday Dec 2 this season. Fishing is very good so COME ON DOWN!!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling



Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!Unfortunately, the brutal cold temps plus the hard wind will keep us in tomorrow. Wednesday was the BEST keeper day of the week! Lots of short fish mixed in along with some Blues. Father & son Todd and little Ben, 9, from West Caldwell combined for over 15 fish. They had their limit of Bass, shorts bass and some Blues. Pool winner was 35” and little Ben just missed winning with pool with. 34.” fish. Friday and weekend look good! SEE YA ABOARD



Had a few good shots at the Bass early and again around mid-day.  Weather looks Sunny and temps in the 40's for Wednesday.  See ya abord 


Another FINE DAY of Striper fishing!  We picked at Stripers all day, many short fis, a good bunch of Bonus tag size fish, along with some keepers mixed in as well.  Pool winner went about 20 pounds.  Again it was all on jigs A- 47/67 plain best.  Weather looking good again for Tuesday, Cloudy and Calm with sun by late morning.  It's supposed to get very cold for late week, so come on down before the cold.  Remember, Tuesday is Marathon Day 6:30am departure. 


Nice day on the water! We built on yesterday’s totals with lots of short Striper action at times and 10 keepers to 25 pounds. Again, everything was on jigs. Monday’s Weather looks SUPER! If your planning on Tuesday you may want to think about Monday or Wednesday instead, as Tuesday looks like rain. See ya aboard!







Saturday produced some decent action totaling over 65 fish but nothing like before the big storm. The big body of large fish we had Wednesday I guess moved. We found lots of shorts with a few slots and more than a handful of larger fish to keep. All Stripers, all taken on diamond jigs and Mac Daddy lures, some on deadly dicks. Weather looks SUPER FOR SUNDAY & Monday. See ya aboard

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, outdoor, water and nature
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky and outdoor



WHAT A DAY!! Best jigging for Big Bass in a long time. Certainly, the best day of 2018 season for Stripers. Boat limit of under 43” fish by 9:45am. Tossed back countless 30"-42" fish. We did have a few folks with the 3 person limit & many with a slot plus a under 43” keeper. SUPER DAY all on jigs with 4 & 6 ounce diamonds and MacDaddy jig best. Too Bad we loose Thursday to another Noreaster 😫😫😫😫 
See ya this weekend when the weather looks very nice for November

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature


Finally a plan came together! A nice bite today on the live bait for QUALITY STRIPERS! Jim Steel shows off a whopper in the first pic. We lost as many or more than we have boated. Tuesday looks like CRAP,NO SAIL! Wednesday looks good and we will depart at 6:30am.  Moving the marathon to Wednesday.

See ya aboard Wednesday 6:30am



After some nice Stripers to 42 pounds boated on Wednesday.  Thursday turned out to be a complete dud for us.  Friday was a NO SAIL due to aother round of shit weather.  Weather is clearing and will go westerly for the weekend into early next week.  Saturday will be Blustry but we WILL sail.  Sunday into mid-week look very NICE! 


Nice Catch of Stripers today! Not much went on for most but we had a few drifts that produced all QUALITY Stripers to John Fuss’s pool winning 42 pounder. Better to be lucky than good some days LOL! All fish were caught on metal, mainly the hammered 47's with and without a tail, except one on a Big Chartreuse Shad. We lost a bunch too. Thursday is HANDS DOWN Best Weather of the week! Friday looks like another Blow. The weekend looks ok for Saturday and better Sunday. Hope to see ya aboard


Great Day!! All the JUMBO Blues you could want plus a few 30+ pounds Stripers found on the way home. NO SAIL MONDAY & maybe Tuesday as well. We will move the Marathon to Wednesday this week


A few JUMBO STRIPERS today! Stripers are here so I hope to see yo aboard soon.  Friday is a NO SAIL too rough, the weekend will be fine with Sunday nicer than Saturday

Jeff had this 45" taken on a live Bunker


Long Day, fishing sucked, but there were good signs.  Tons of bait, at times very good bird life and I did read some fish here and there.  Trollers all did get some but the jigging boats had it tough.  The Golden Eagle did get 3 nice Stripers late so maybe we get lucky tomorrow.  Weather looks Fantastic for Wednesday and Nice for Thursday too.  Hope to see ya Aboard





Friday was full of variety! Blues, Alby, Bonito, Porgy & Sea Bass

We will not sail this weekend due to the strong Noreaster Saturday and Sunday will be leftover seas to calm for next week.

 The whole week is looking promising and weather for Tuesday's Striper Marathon looks very good right now 


Our last tuna trip was a bust.  Looked very fishy early though.  Before the sun was up the bait was thick and the crew was able to catch many Anchovies & small mackerel.  With tons of bait I thought our chances were very good.  Guess NOT! We did get some Albys.  Weekend looking like a blowout, so come tomorrow or Friday.  Friday looks to be the nicest day of the week.  


Weekend was OK Saturday and very tough on Sunday.  Saturday we had Albys and lots of Blues late ending up being a nice day.  Sunday the wind came on and never backed off but only grew harder and harder.  Monday we had no particpation.  Tuesday we are Inshore Tuna 4am departure.  Thursday we are privately chartered   Wednesday, Friday, Sat & Sunday is regular 7:30am to 2:30pm


Very Good Action today for Alby, Blues and Porgies!   We will be sailing Saturday & Sunday


Friday we WILL sail!

We did not sail Wednesdy or Thursday due to gale force winds


Had a very nice group of guys aboard today! Milwaukee Tool, Rustoleum, Grainer & Cool Breeze sponsered the trip.  We departed around 8:30am hoping the wind would back off as predicted and around 11am the wind did begin to drop, by noon it was nice.  Blues and Porgies bent the rods and kept all the folks busy.  Great Day! Wind is gonna honk Wednesday so NO SAIL Wednesday.  Thursday not much better.  Friday is the next NICE DAY. Plan on Friday if you want to fish this week.  Sunday best if your thinking this weekend


Monday, back to crap conditions after a flat calm day on Sunday. We had lots of 3-5 pound Blues before the sun came up. Those who wanted Bluefish easily had their limits before the sun came up. Once the sun was up the sea bass and porgies bit. The seas built quickly mid morning and after a couple of the right ones hooked up and lost. We headed for home before the sea became too crazy. We read fish and lost a couple. Let’s hope weather provides for next Tuesday’s final Tuna Trip.Open boat 7:30am departure the rest of the week. Thursday & Friday looking better than Wednesday. We are privately chartered tomorrow,Tuesday. 



What a difference a day makes! The wind flopped out last night and seas were calm. A variety of fish came out to play today. Blues, Bonito, Albacore, sea bass, Porgy plus a nice 43 pound Tuna! Jigs best for the topwater species. I hope to get Mondays Tuna trip in! 3AM departure lets hope the wind holds off 



ATTENTION: We are adding more Tuna trips to the schedule: Oct 15 & Oct 23  Weather looks promising for Oct 15 this Monday. Same 25 pass limit & $200 per person. With a couple nice Tuna Trips under our belt the past 2 weeks. Book your spot on our website


Another Fun Day of Bonito & Albys!! Took a little to find them and get em going but by 9:45 the rods were bending. Johnny “Respect Knuckles” has his fill of Alby on the the 5” Split tails Tsunamis. After watching Marty boat 6 nice Bonito on the pink Mac Daddy lures he bought one.  In the last hour he boated  a few nice Bonito & couple more Alby too. As the sea grew larger the fishing got better until it was time to head in. We will NOT be sailing Friday, but Weather looks good for the weekend! See ya aboard



ATTENTION: We are adding more Tuna trips to the schedule: Oct 15 & Oct 23  Weather looks promising for Oct 15 this Monday. Same 25 pass limit & $200 per person. With a couple nice Tuna Trips under our belt the past 2 weeks. Book your spot on our website


Well things are looking good for tomorrow’s Bonito & Alby Trip! Weather should hold on for our early open boat 6am departure tomorrow in search of Bonito & Albys. Today was a banner day for the light Tackle speedsters.   Hope to see ya tomorrow!!


Fun Day! Tons of Action with Mahi, lots of short Bluefin Tuna and all the FAT alberts you could want. Wednesday looks like last Summer day before Fall sets in. Hope to see you aboard tomorrow 7:30am.  Adding one more Tuna trip for Monday Oct 15th $200 per person 25 pass max purchase online only! 


The weatherman gave it to us good today! Very Rough Conditions made it slow going and uncomfortable for many. We anchored up and I was pleasantly surprised! Hands Down the best Alby bite of the season so far. The first 2 hours we had blasts at the Albys, small Blues as well as plenty of sea bass. Overall a good fishing. We had lots of Keeper Sea Bass plus 3 Big King Mackerel.   Wednesday looks very nice and maybe the only nice day this week


Very Nice Action all day today. The calm seas promised all weekend seem to be a weatherman myth, but the fish don’t mind! Lots of mixed sized Blues to 7 pounds, larger fish late and smaller fish all morning. We had a good number of Bonito mixed in along with Mack’s too. Weather looks ok for tomorrow. Hope to see you aboard!
This weeks schedule is:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday regular day trips 7:30am to 2pm Blues, Bonito, Alby 
Tuesday we are Tuna offshore 
Thursday is the last Special  Bonito & Alby 6am departure trip 


Saturday was slower action for Blues.  We did pick at fish early but it slowed up to a stand still late morning.  I took a ride and found an area of smaller 1-3 pound Blues and we picked at them for a while and got in late.  Ken Fuchs was Hi- hook with over his limit of 15 Blues.  a few limits were had but most had a few to over a handful of Blues with some Macks, Porgy and a couple Albys too.  Weather looking better for Sunday & Monday, hope to see you aboard 


Success!! Great Day and a little luck turned into a wonderful trip. Please, a crew members personal custom conventional rods w/ an Okuma 4/0 reel walked off the boat. If someone grabbed by accident please give a call. We boated a bunch of yellowfin tuna to 50 pounds mainly on bait but some on jigs. We lost more than we boated. Plus, we had some shots at Mahi-Mahi including a few real slammer Mahi-Mahi’s. Tomorrow’s Bluefish Trip IS CANCELED due to forecasted rough sea conditions. However, the WEEKEND is looking SUPER. COME ON DOWN!! Bluefish to 8 pounds has been good all week with some Bonito, Alby & Porgy in the mix. Next Tuesdays Tuna trip currently has 8 open spots left.



Very nice action today Early & Late for Blues to 7 pounds plus a few big Bonito and Porgy mixed in.  Very Nice Day!  Remember weare Tuna fishing Thursday and back at the Blues Friday thru Monday 7:30am departures.  Weekend looking very nice 


SUPER Jigging for Blues up to 8 pounds! WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! Sunday stunk after great action Saturday.  Monday wasnt as hot as Saturday but it was darn good! Mike Popchak drove up from Maryland and it was worth the drive! He had well over his limit of 15 keeping some and releasing others.  Stoney even had a whole bunch! Tuna trip for tomorrow is canceled and moved to this Thursday when the weather looks better to get offshore.  We do have 8 open spots for Thursday Tuna trip departing midnight and returning late afternoon $200 per person 


Wow, what a difference a day makes! Ususally this is a positive thing but not today.  Yesteraday was old time Bluefishing today not so much.  We did pick fish but far from good.  Read lots of fish but the gill net boats wrapped the whole area we fished Saturday.  This spooks the fish and they do not bite.  Lets hope tomorrow is a different story.  Weather looking nice again for Monday.  We have 1 open spot for Tuesday Mid-Range tuna trip departing 12AM Tuesday early morning returning late afternoon Tuesday 



SUPER ACTION! Fast paced Jigging for mixed sized Blues to 8 pounds.  Most were  4-6 pounds with the ocassional bigger one mixed in.  Bert was the lucky one boating a nice Mahi-mahi, limit plus of Blues and an Alby too.  Weather was outstanding and continues wonderful Sunday & Monday.  


Weather been DOG SHIT since Sunday afternoon.  We had no participants in point pleasant Wednesday morning for any boat to get out of Manasquan Inlet.  The Belmar boats did get out and both caught some mixed sized  Blues.  We will sail Thursday Bonito/Alby trip but we will depart at 7am instead of 6 due to the forecast.  Hope to see you aboard! 


Picked well at the Blues  this weekend with an exotic or two mixed in. Sunday produced but it was a soggy one. We will NOT sail Monday & the Tuesday tuna trip is canceled due rough sea conditions. Thursday & Friday look best this week.


SPECTACULAR ACTION, BEST OF THE YEAR!! Bluefish to 6 pounds with a dozen Alby mixed in today. Super action all day with a boat limit of Bluefish by 11am today.  Smaller 2oz plain diamonds worked best with fast retreive.  Weather looks very nice for Saturday and calm with clouds for Sunday, perfect fishing weather this weekend.  Enjoy some nice fall like weather and hot fishing action! Come on down.  Nice video of todays action on our facebook page 


Tough day with some action!  I anchored up and we instantly had 3 fish on all Bonito. Unfortunately, that was the best of it.  Lots of small Blues kept folks busy the first hour and if you wanted porgies there were plenty as I got 15 keepers in short order, but it was a Bonito/ Alby trip so I moved around quite a bit and found one here and there plus Bernie's large Kig Mackerel that won the pool.  Blues cooperated for the Bluefish fleet today and we will head that way tomorrow as Friday weather looks very nice! See ya aboard 


Fine Day Lots of Action and Variety again!  Thursday looks good for the Bonito/ Alby/Mahi trip tomorrow 6am open boat no resrvations required 



Fun Day for the Shore House Charter with Lots of variety.  No Sail Tuesday due to iffy weather.  Wednesday thru Saturday all look nice.  Remember Thursday is a Special Bonito/Alby trip and departs 6am Thursday only.  Otherwise we are normal 7:30am Wed, Friday Sat & Sun this week 


Nice Surprise today! Many Spanish Mackerel mixed in with small Blues to 2.5 pounds. Bert’s was by far the largest Spanish Mackerel we have caught aboard the QM in many years. Gorgeous weather, nice folks and ok/good action.  Remember we are Sold Out tomorrow Monday Sept 17.  Tuesday looks tough weather but Wednesday into the weekend very nice! See ya aboard 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature


Nice pick of mixed size Bluefish to 8 pounds today for the Binsky & Snyder Charter.  We will be sailing Thursday. Friday is iffy but Weekend is shaping up OK TO NICE


Heavy Winds and Seas kept us in all weekend and now into the early week. The mid-range tuna trip is canceled for Tuesday and most have reschedued to othr dates.  Sept 25 Tuna trip is now Sold Out.  If you are interested in Oct 2 or 9. Please pre-purchase your seats as they are almost full too.   It will  begin to calm Tuesday.  Wednesday we are privately chartered so please join us Thursday & Friday.  Hopefully the next system doesnt affect us like these past few days.  I hope to see lots of Blues, Bonito & Alby after all this weather and things get back to normal 


Choppy Conditions changed the action but still overall it was OK/good today! Those who put the effort in did well those who didnt struggled.  Hi-hook had over 25 Blues.  Weather looks very iffy for this weekend and Sunday is most likely canceled if the forecast holds.  Saturday will probably be a game time decison.  Either way it will not be calm, so if you want a nice calm day choose another time to join us. 


Capt Dave 



Another Good Day of Bluefish Action with variety mixed in!!  Fluke, Triggerfish & Bonito 




UNBELIEVABLE ACTION TODAY!! What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday, Labor Day we read fish all day but they were hard to catch. Today they were HUNGRY! Maybe the best Bluefish Action is the season to date.  Weather looks tremendous for rest of week. Come on down!!


Another Day of Fast Action! Mainly Blues in the 3-5 pound range with some Bonito & Spanish Mackerel mixed in. Great Day! Weather looking calm and nice again for Labor Day.  See ya aboard


Nice whale watching and picking Bluefish to 5 pounds on jigs. Bert was Hi-hook with a limit of 15 blues. The father & son team pictured below combined for 13 blues. Turned out to be a nice day. Ocean is slowly settling down. Sunset Whale watch departs at 5pm this evening and we have plenty of room





Nice mix today. Lots of 1-2 pound Blues and many Spanish Mackerel and some Bonito too. Weather looks best for Sunday & Monday this weekend




Nice Mahi for Lou today! Thursday looking SPECTACULAR! If you want in on the action get down tomorrow. Friday looks iffy weather Lots of Blues with some Bonito early then tons of Mack’s along with some Mahi-Mahi. ANOTHER FINE DAY!!



Nice Bull Dolphin in the mix today along with lots of smaller Mahi-Mahi and lots of mackerel

Can't stress this enough, GET DOWN NOW if you want to get in on the action.  If you wait until next week it's all gonna be long over.  Get while its HOT




Awesome Day! Best ever Mahi-Mahi fishing on a day trip! Tons of Mack’s and about 40 blues to 4 pounds plus a few Bonito. This will not last so get down now if you want a crack at them.  Light spinners with small shiny jigs, bucktails and split-tails worked best even swim-plugs 


Holy Crap, we actually had a nice weekend! Fishing wasn’t as hot as Saturday but we picked at Blues throughout the day along with a bunch of Bonito! The experienced anglers did much better today than the novices. Burt & Gary both had over 20 Blues each as well as a Bonito or two. Plenty of fish around but harder to catch today. Weather looking SUPERB all week. Come on down


Great weather & Fishing today! Lots of Blues to 5 pounds with Mack’s and Bonito mixed in. SUPERB WEATHER into early next week. COME ON DOWN!!


Nice day!!! Tons of Mack’s, some bigger Bonito & lots of Sea Bass first half of day. After 12 we found the blues and had a nice pick of 2-5 pound Blues on jig’s. Weather looking SUPER next 5 days COME ON DOWN!!




Tough Day today.  We saw lots of fish on top and Bonito jumping but very hard to catch this morning.  We did manage some small Blues and Bonito to 5 pounds along with some Fluke too.  Overall slower than most days recently.  A very nice Whale watch show in the middle of the day along with a Big Houndfish were the highlights 


Wednesday we were back at it! Nice Day a mix of fish.  We caught more than I expected and tomorrow we should improve as the ocean settles.  See ya aboard. Lou Fama won te Pool with a nice Fluke beating out a 4 pound Bluefish 


Did not sail again this morning as it was blowing pretty good early.  We did get the afternoon in and had action with lots of Fluke and many giant sea robins(great for the table).  We are open boat Tuesday Aug 21 and weather will be ok.  Hope to see you aboard 

Capt Dave 



NO SAIL TODAY: Too Rough and may be again tomorow.  Please look at our Daily updates later Sunday for more info on Monday's status or our facebook page


Satuday we had Action but nothing like I expected.  The Blues didnt show up but we did get a few dozen along with some Macks, Sea Bass and some Fluke action as well. The weather was calm and sunny along with a pleasant crowd.  A Big Fluke won the pool again today!  Overall a very nice day! 


Friday was another spectacular day! Lots of variety and Porgy won the pool with a large Fluke.


BEST BLUEFISH ACTION OF THE YEAR! LIMITS ALL AROUND BEFORE 10AM.  Smaller diamond jigs were the ticket.  We had a few Spanish Mackerel and Bonito mixed in.  Mike Payne won the pool with a Big Bonito.  After we loaded up with Blues we headed for the sea bass grounds.  Tons of bites kept everyone busy with some keeper bass to spice the catch.  Summer will be over before we all know it.  Grab the kids and LET'S GO FISHING! 


SUPER-TREMENDOUS jigging for Blues with Bonito mixed in!

Maybe the BEST action of the Year

Weather looking great next couple days. Hope to see ya aboard 


LIMITS OF BLUES!  Very Nice day jigging Blues to 4 pounds this morning and later in the day.  We had some Spanish Mackerel and a few Bonito mixed in as well.  Fun Day. Weather looking very nice into Friday.  Grab the kids and  Come on down 


Great day for the GPS General Plumbing Supply charter! Superb weather and wonderful fishing! Lots of Action with Fluke & Seabass among with some blues and mackerel!! Weather looking nice and calm next few days. COME ON DOWN!!!



If you couldn't catch em today you must take up another hobby! Bert caught over 100 while trying to catch seabass.  Remember we are sold out Sunday morning Aug 12.  See ya aboard this week 


Another Fine Day! Took awhile to locate the Mack’s but once we did it was game on! Great Action! Some nice Seabass in the mix too. Seas will continue to be calm this weekend.


Another Fine Day aboard! Lots of action and variety.  



Gorgeous day! Calm sunny and lots of action and variety. Lots of Blues early now Chubb Mack’s, Spanish Mack’s, a banded rudder fish among with some sea bass. Weather is forecast as CALM thru the weekend! Dont miss out Remember we are SOLD OUT this Sunday morning.  Plenty of room left for this Sunday afternoon 3:30 Family Trip



Super! Wonderful fast paced action on jig’s. Limit of blues before 10:30 AM & lots of macks along with a few bonito this afternoon. Wonderful day, weather looks Calm Seas all week come join us


Mid Summer Action is getting HOT! Lots of variety is the name of the game lately. All pics are from today’s trip. Sea Bass, Mackerel, Blues, Bonito and Mahi past few days. Weather looking calm all week. No better time to get the kids out!  Hope to-see ya aboard.


Sunday, was a SUPER DAY on the water! Nice action for Mackerel with Sea Bass mixed in along with a few surprises. A couple Bonito and 6 Mahi-Mahi. Weather looks very nice for Monday into Tuesday.  Calm seas predicted all week yes


Took the weatherman 2 weeks to get it right for Point Pleasant Beach! We actually got about an hour & half of rain total all day mainly before 12:30.  Now it is GORGEOUS and supposed to stay that way thru Tuesday afternoon.  Fishing was slower today with lots of current and I could not get out to where I wanted to get to early this morning.  The wind was way stronger than forecast.  I went a differnt direction, so the folks aboard were more comfortable.  We picked at Sea Bass all day only a few Macks today but most who tried had their sea bass limit.  Weather SUPER SUNDAY & MONDAY



Another Fine Day!!  Full on Mack Attack all day for those who wanted light Tackle action it was all you wanted. The bottom Action was steady with most who gave it a little time getting a limit of Sea Bass for the table along with some ling mixed in. We plan on fishing all weekend. Look at the forecast pic for Saturday afternoon. Should be nice! See ya aboard. We have had less than 20 minutes of rain TOTAL all week in Point Pleasant Beach. The FAKE NEWS Weather reports have screwed the Jersey Shore the past two weeks. See ya aboard!!


Very Good Sea-Bass Action today. Drop and Reel fishing most of the day and a quick limit of keepers.  Some Mack’s and a few small Blues too. We will NOT SAIL Thursday morning due to rough conditions.  Thursday Fish& Fireworks will be decided early afternoon tomorrow 


Nice day with good Sea Bass Action!! Little Ben sister Sophia and Dad, Hernan pictured below had a fine day! Weather gonna be tough Wednesday & Thursday best Friday.  See ya aboard!




Nice Day Aboard!! Calm seas and dry most of the day. The fishing started out very good with lots of Sea Bass Action with some keepers mixed in.  The Mack’s started not long after and just when I figured it was gonna be an easy day, it slowed up. The current started to run very hard and fishing got slower and slower.  We caught plenty in the end just not the fast action we had all weekend.  Tuesday is looking good mainly dry and seas will be calm. See ya aboard! 



Fine Day! Bert won the pool with this Jumbo Sea-Bass and got his first Bonito of 2018. We had nice action all day. Sea Bass early with a few Porgy mixed in. Lots of Mack’s and a couple Bonito & Blues later in the morning. Great weather for Monday. Come on down!!


Felt great to be back out on the water! Moto's group had a fun day with lots of Sea Bass early.  The Mack Attack was on late and we even had a few blue too.  The seas have calmed and the weather looks very nice Friday thru the weekend.  Hope to see you aboard 


Gorgeous Weather this afternoon to fish the protected waters of the Manasquan River!  Nice Action with short Fluke and a few keepers mixed in too.  Best part is it's always very comfortable for all in the Manasquan


Terrible weather since Friday has kept us at the dock! I hope this weather calms so we can get backout there.  Weare planning on fishing tomorrow afternoon's Family afternoon trip in the river if the ocean is not calm suitable for family type of trip



WONDERFUL DAY! Tons of Mackerel many Ling and Sea Bass.  Lonnie, had a mess of Ling, limit of Sea Bass and some Mackerel too.  Great Day! Unfortunately, a Big Strom headed our way so NO SAIL SATURDAY


Quick report: Had the Tokarski family aboard this morning. Weather was nice and the Sea Bass & Ling cooperated nicely.  Lots of Action 




Another Fine Day! Mack Attack was in full swing after 10am. We had action all day with Seabass, Mackerel, Ling, some small Blues and even a Mahi Mahi and our first Black-tip shark of the season. We have room tomorrow afternoon Fish & Fireworks trip and Friday morning.  See ya Aboard! 


July 16 


FANTASTIC DAY! Weather was grand and lots of action kept folks busy. MACK ATTACK was in full swing this afternoon along with a couple dozen small Blues. Many Sea Bass & Ling kept people busy on the bottom too. Lonnie, Hi hook had many Mackerel plus limit of Sea Bass, a few Blues and 8 ling. Remember we are Sold Out Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings this week. Please join us Wednesday, Friday or Sunday mornings open boat! Plenty of room left for Fish & Fireworks this Thursday after a large group canceled opening up many spots


Great weather along with solid action for sea bass today. We tried some porgy fishing early but the current was non existent and we picked some. First pic is today’s happy Pool for largest fish happy couple. The second pic is a collage from this weeks trips. We are SOLD OUT A BUNCH the next couple weeks. Please consider pre-paying so you don’t miss out on the action. SOLD OUT morning trips: July 15, 17, 19, 21 & 26


SUPER WEATHER & Sea Bass action today! My father Charles was aboard and stopped fising at noon.  He said his arms were weary from reeling all the double header sea bass! The weatherman had everyone scared to even think about heading to the shore today as the town, all the boats and the beaches were empty.  The past two days may have been the nicest of the summer.  Please remember the Tropical System hype is FAKE NEWS unless the system is gonna makea direct hit.  Flat calm and fishing was SUPER ACTION the past two days.  Ryan and Lonnie combined for over 120 Sea Bass keeping their limit and throwing back many keeper sized fish.


GREAT DAY, Look how calm it’s is!  First pic is John LaMond and family.  Great Action most of the day.  Sea Bass were non-stop mixed with Porgy, Triggers and we fought a huge Sand Bar Tiger Shark for over 30 minutes too. Weather continues wonderful Into the weekend! See ya aboard!


Super Weather & Action for Sea Bass to 17”!  Tons of action all day with a boat limit of Sea Bass.  Ken pictured below had 5 keeper size fish along with 47 short sea bass and won the pool for the largest fish.


Very Nice Day! Super weather & tons of sea bass action. Lots of keepers too


What a gorgeous day on the water for a change. We had very good action early then a lull mid morning. The action came back around noon but never as good as it was early in the day. The keeper ratio wasn't as good as yesterday but a most had a few to take home. If you're planning on joining us Fathers Day please be aboard early.


What a difference a day makes! Less Breeze made it possible to get off the beach to a few good spots and we picked away all day with Sea Bass and many keepers mixed in. Bert had his limit and many were close too. Fun, gorgeous day on the water for a change. Weather looks very nice for a weekend for a change. Hope to see you aboard!


Terrible Day all around! Lots of wind no Blues SUCKO!


Small group today aboard! The river didn't provide the action of yesterday so we heading for some Sea Bass and we had good Action most of the day. Lots of fish a nice amount of keepers plus some surprises too. Thursday looking NICE


A mix of Blues & Sea Bass for Mark Cancelmo's group. We had the Blues for a little in the river and around the inlet early. A few more up the beach and it was Sea Bass action when the Bluefish stopped cooperating.


Weather shaped up enough this afternoon to get Ken D'Andrea's charter out for some Sea Bass action and a little Striper time too. The Sea Bass action was slower than Sunday but the Keeper Ratio was much better. We spent the last hour of daylight trying for Stripers. I read the fish good a few times and managed to get a few bites and boat this Whopper Striper 46" on a Kroc. Many of the the bites lately have been on jigs. Weather really shaping up nice for the rest of the week. Sunshine, comfortable temps and Calm Seas. Hope to see ya aboard!


NO SAIL too crappy Weather looking nice rest of the week!


What a crappy day! Cloudy with light rain almost all day. This season is really shaping up to be a complete washout. We had lots of seabass action again but the keeper ratio keeps getting tougher each day as all spots are getting hit hard with the lack of Bluefish and Stripers many days. Better weather on tap after Monday so come on down and lets get this season rolling!!!


Had Larry Hand's Refridgeration Design Charter aboard this morning. With the lack of Blues yesterday and the great drifting conditions we put the effort into sea bass and it worked out well! Not fast action like yesterday but we picked everyplace I went and ended up with a nice catch. Some Blues were found late in the day. We will look for Blues first as usual Sunday and switch up if need be. See ya aboard


After maybe the best Bluefish action of the spring Thursday the Blues pulled a disappearing act this morning! We did had a handful early but the boat traffic was so bad that I couldn't even fish the area and had to leave. We took advantage of one of the nicer days this spring to drift for seabass & had action all day. Though the ratio of shorts to keepers isn't great most had plenty for a nice dinner. Please remember we are SOLD OUT Saturday June 9. Please join us Sunday instead


Very Good Action overall all day today! We started the day picking fish in the river until the tide dropped off we ran up the beach and found fish splashing, birds picking and we had some fast paced jigging for Blues to 6 pounds. Very nice day! Weather looking very nice for Friday. Hope to see you aboard! Please remember we are SOLD OUT this Saturday June 9 but have plenty of room Friday & Sunday


Good Action early again then it was all over for the remainder of the day. Magic Hour the Bass cooperated a bit better than the past few evenings



VERY GOOD JIGGING for 3-5 pound Blues!! Light spinners with smaller 17 plain jigs worked best. Magic Hour wasn't so magic tonight. Weather nice and CALM Wednesday. Hope to see you aboard!


No Sail due to very rough seas


What a Gorgeous Day!! Weatherman really screwed the whole Jersey Shore with a incorrect forecast. They really have no idea how much tourist dollars are lost on a blown forecast. Fishing was steady action with moments of fast action for 2-5 pound blues on smaller jigs. Unfortunately, weather goes to crap late tonight so NO SAIL SUNDAY due to rough seas. See ya aboard


Rain scared everyone away for the morning trip. Turned out to be a gorgeous day at the shore. Afternoon produced lots of Blues early. Later we had our shot at a bunch of Stripers but failed miserably to boat most. Scott did make the most of his opportunity though.


We did not have enough to sail due to the terrible forecast but the days were actually not bad at all. Blues were jigged well today by the one boat in the fleet that was able to get out. Weather will be calm and mainly dry for Friday. Hope to see you aboard Friday.


Very Nice Day! Super weather & tons of sea bass action. Lots of keepers too


No Sail today due to inclement weather! We WILL SAIL Monday morning when the seas calm and a cloudy dry day with maybe a little sun by mid-day. See ya aboard


The Blues popped up late and we were lucky enough to be the only party boat close enough to get in on the good action Saturday around noon. We picked at Sea Bass, Ling & Flounder. A big thanks to Capt John of the Kraken! He was headed in from his half day trip and saw the birds and fish splashing and was kind enough to let me know. Quick Action on jigs lets hope this is the start of something!


Great weather again! The fishing well thats a different story. The Blues & Stripers were scarce again. We did get a handful of Blues early to start us off. After that is was a struggle. We spent a good portion of the day scratching a catch of Sea Bass


With a small group aboard many who rarely fish the ocean. They opted for action over the very slow Striper and Blues yesterday morning. We had limits of Sea Bass along with superb weather. Great Day!


Tough fishing Continues! Great weather makes it easier to take at least


Sunday provided the best fishing of 2018 Unfortunately, today wasn't more of the same. We did manage a handful of Blues. We saw them and I read them but they didn't cooperate. Hopefully they do tomorrow!!


After our best day of the season yesterday. Monday was back to slow fishing. We did manage a handful of Blues. I read fish so let's hope they cooperate tomorrow. Only 5 open spaces left for this Thursday's Magic Hour trip


First nice day in a while and the Fishing was actually pretty good this morning! Lots of Blues to 8 pounds mainly on jigs. Weather is here the fish are too. Come on Down!



What a Great Start! We were able to make enough bait and the small group made the best of the bait we had. We caught on Live & Dead Bunker, Poppers & Shads. Fun Evening aboard the Queen! We have plenty of room on both Tuesday & Thursday Magic Hours this week. Call me to reserve your space 732-996-2579


Still slow fishing as hoping for nice weather and calm seas together. We will start the Magic Hour Stripers this Sunday and still have 6 open spots. We are trying to sail our 7:30am trips everyday weather permitting. See Ya Aboard




Not enough to sail as weather just not good and fishing still slow.


Water frozen and lifeless today. We will wait another week to try again


We started our season with a very nice day to be on the water. That was about the only highlight. I saw no bait or signs of any life at all. We will wait until Friday May 11 to try again. Water needs to warm a bit more. Hopefully the fish show up soon! See ya aboard


Happy Easter and Passover

We had a booth at the Saltwater Fishing Show in Edison a couple of weeks ago. It was nice seeing so many familiar faces. The Spring has yet to arrive so far and getting the boat all ready has been a chore as we need some dry warmish days to get her all ready to bring back to the slip. I plan on starting April 27 only if there is something to catch. Other boats are starting and you will be disappointed if you go too early. Freeze your ass off and catch very little until the water temps are right. Temps need to be in the high 40's to see any action at all. Hope to see you aboard


Met a bunch of the Wednesday Gang for lunch yesterday. Great to see familiar faces and to catch up! Spring will be here before you know it and rods will be bending. See ya aboard late April


Great Day to Wrap up the 2017 season!
Beautiful weather and Hot Action with Strtipers to 31"

We were able to keep a few and add some Bonus fish but most were short and released for another day! Hi-hook had over a dozen Bass with many folks in the 5-10 bass count. Thanks Again for your patronage! Hope to see you aboard next season


Very Nice ACTION for smaller fish plus slots size. Many folks had 3+ bass with diamond jigs working best! Tomorrow, Monday Dec 4, WILL BE our last day of the season. Weather looks very nice 50's and calm with sunshine! Hope to see you aboard. WE WILL DEFINITELY have enough to sail!



Very Good Morning for the Nutanix charter! We picked at Bass well until 10am with most fish in the 27"-33"range. Shads and diamond jigs worked well. Uncle Stoney was aboard and had 3 nice Stripers on a hammered diamond. Weather looks Super for early December this weekend. Hope to see yo aboard!


Best Striper Action in a while! A few limits and most had a Bass or 3. Pete Ziemba was hi-hook with 5 Bass to 32" Good Day


Another good day of action with Blues to 13 pounds and some Keeper Stripers mixed in. Jim Steel had 7 Blues, John Lamond had a bunch of Blues and a nice Keeper Bass. Herb won the pool with a slob Bass caught on a diamond jig


Very Good Blues along with some Stripers mixed in. A-47 plain worked best Nov 27 Better than yesterday. Steady improvement the past couple days. Early leave 6:30 tomorrow Tuesday. George "the weatherman" won the pool with a 36" Bass taken on a large chartreuse Mojo.


Today was much better than the past couple! We had some action with Bass and Blues mainly late in the day. We only threw back one short Striper and the others were all quality fish. Tomorrow looks good as does most of the week. See ya Aboard


Lots of fish out there for the trolling boats but very difficult again for boats who can't troll. Capt Hack was Back as we caught Jack today. Can't say it any more truthfully than that! Read fish watch trollers get many but we couldn't get a sniff today. Maybe with the good Westerly winds tomorrow they will snap like they should. See ya aboard


Tough Again! Rode all over the ocean to find very little. A few Blues and Bass all day


No Good we never found the hungry fish just a handful of nicer size Bass. Sam won the pool with a 20+ pounder. I read fish all day but hard to catch.


Very Good first few drifts then it got slower and slower. Hi-hook had 8 fish


Good Early morning action! Produced lots of shorts with a few keepers and slot fish mixed in. Once the hard Southerly winds kicked in around 10 it was basically over. Pic below is John Lamond showing off his Pool Winner caught on a Gold 47 diamond jig. West winds tomorrow should have the Bass back on the feed! Nice day on tap for Wednesday. Slight chance of an early morning shower before 8:30am. Don't let a little chance of early rain ruin a perfectly nice day. See ya aboard


Cold & Breezy with Action all Day! I had many patrons with 5-10 Bass but many only kept one. Many short fish kept people busy on jigs and shads. Gold or silver A-47 & 67 were best and the shads produced as well for those who could find the bottom in the heavy winds. We will sail Tuesday Marathon 6:30am, but if your schedule is flexible, Wednesday 7:30am leave will be the nicer day


No Sail too rough at least Forecast for Saturday was rough but turned out to be OK. I want to come back as a weatherman my next life LOL


Another Fine Day! Action was not as fast paced as we picked at fish through the day. Quality size Stripers some on Shads & Mojos others on snagged Bunker. No Sail this weekend due to high winds


Good Action Continues! We started with a bang! Today was very good to start and terrible to finish. Jigs, Krocs, Shads & Mojo's all produced when the bite was on early this AM. As the morning progressed we picked fish here and there but it was all over by 11AM. The tide dropped out the sun came out and the winds started to howl. This the fish did not like! We a very nice catch and many had their limit. A-47's plain again worked best overall. Remember we are chartered Friday. Weekend Weather, Sunday is Best as Saturday could be a blow out



Another Fine Day for Striper Action! Though they were not jumping in the boat like yesterday. Many had their Limit of under 43" & a bonus fish. Frank Vavino had 5 fish to 32" Bill & Paul each had a Keeper and a Bonus. Bill Holden the Patriarch of the Wednesday Gang won the pool with a 35" fish and added a few others. Jigs again best, but the Shads and Mojo's did hold their own. We will sail Thursday. Fishing is HOT so Come Get SOME!


SUPER ACTION for Stripers! Simply Awesome action on A-47 jigs gold and chrome plus shads worked well too. Retired fireman Pete said it was his best day jigging ever. He landed over 28 Stripers, won the pool with the 36" he kept along with a 27" bonus fish. All the others were released. Pete was using a plain A-47 hammered jig. Full Boat Limit before Noon is makes for an extraordinary day! We will fish Wednesday & Thursday, reminder that this Friday we are privately Chartered. Hope to see you aboard!


Went the wrong way! It happens now and again and unfortunately will not be the last time. We did manage a few but still kicking ourselves for getting sucked the wrong way. Tomorrow we will hope for better results


Better today! More fish and warmer temps. Tons of boats making it tough but we picked some mixed sized fish. Again it was not enough for the big crowd we had but we tried our best and many got one


COLD COLD COLD today! WE couldn't believe how many boats were out in this cold weather today. We caught some nice Stripers but not nearly enough for the crowd we had. Plenty of fish around and weather looking very nice Sunday & Monday. Hope to see you aboard


Blustery Conditions made it tough to drift and present baits and lures yesterday. Drifting over 2 knots in the heavy winds we did manage a few and lost some others! All nice size keeper fish though. Weather gets better by mid-day Saturday when the winds will drop and the temps get back to normal


Picked at the Stripers on a mix of lures Shads, Jigs & Krocs all produced! Stripers are here so Come On Down


Winds have calmed and we WILL be Sailing Thursday! Hope to see you aboard


No Sail today. Weather will be too rough Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday will be very nice and Friday a good day too. See ya aboard later in the week We never got to fish today. A passenger health issue as we approached the fishing grounds forced us back to the dock. As the weather was more rough than predicted we opted to have all the folks come back on a nicer day. We will NOT SAIL Monday. I'm keeping an eye on Tuesday. Thursday/ Friday appears to best weather this week.


Rough weather made me change directions this AM. We had a bunch of kids and family groups, so I opted to stay where it would not be a Ass Whooping and it pays off! Stripers cooperated at times and we ended up with a decent pick at mixed sized Stripers. Turned out to be a nice day with some action. We will definitely get out tomorrow so COME ON DOWN


HANDS DOWN THE BEST BLUEFISHING OF THE FALL TO DATE! JUMBOS TO 20 POUNDS WITH MOST 13-18 POUNDS. Diamonds plain or tails 47 size best! This weekend looks fishable but bouncy. I only took some video, so if you go to our Facebook page you can view the video. Hope to see you aboard!


No Sail today not enough participants. Friday weather looks Great! We will definitely have enough to sail Friday. Weekend weather, Sunday is the nicer of the two days. See ya aboard


Horrible first try for Stripers. Sounded like the Jumbo Blues cooperated though. I think we will try for Blues first and look for Bass late unless there is some better news. Hope to see ya aboard


No Sail again Tuesday. We will let the ocean settle and Start the Striper season Wednesday! Stripers will be first on the agenda for the remainder of the season. There were some fish trolled before the weather and it sounds like a nice area of fish was headed down the coast last week. I'm hoping this latest round of weather along with the westerly today will get the ball rolling! See ya aboard Wednesday, Weather looks Super for Wednesday and nice into the weekend


Big Storm no sail today or tomorrow. Tuesday should be a go but Wednesday will be nicest day of the week


Started Quick and we picked for a bit at the Jumbos on jigs. The wind came up fast and hard early. As the seas built the fishing dropped off. Those who dropped to the bottom stayed busy with seabass. Sunday & Monday will be too rough. Hope to get our first Tuesday's Striper Marathon in, but stay tuned for a weather update. See ya aboard


Picked at Jumbo Blues to 19.5 pounds on jigs. Best day in a while! Hope to see you aboard Saturday. Saturday looks very nice and Sunday will be too rough to sail. See you aboard Saturday


No Sail today. Thursday is fishable, winds will be west and breezy. Friday is the BEST of the week with Saturday a close second. Sunday appears breezy with Rain. Hope to see you aboard


No Sail too Rough! We will not Sail Wednesday too. Thursday and Friday look nice with West Winds. Friday is the best day of the week. See ya aboard


Still Lots of Fish around but getting tougher to catch each day. Sunday & Monday we concentrated on SeaBass more than Blues.


Lots of Fish Around but tough to catch. Read fish all day! Catching them was the rough part. We did get a good shot at Albys early before we ran off to look for the Jumbo Blues. Tons of fish but we only slowly picked at them on jigs. New Bob was Hi-Hook with 4 Big Blues. Bob was using a Gold Hammered jig. Weather looks great thru the weekend. Don't miss out on great weather in late October. Sea bass opens Sunday Oct 22, so we can keep SeaBass as we have been catching many while jigging for Blues.


No Sail too rough


Jumbo Blues have arrived in numbers after the Blow late last week. Saturday we read lots but the continued rough conditions made it tough. Sunday we were able to drift and jig and many had a bunch of Blues up to 20 pounds. Roy was Hi-Hook with 10 Blues. Saturday, Bert Dluhy caught the largest Blue in the past few years. His pool winner Saturday weighed in at almost 21 pounds. Weather looking better mid week with Wednesday looking best right now, and Monday worst. Hope to see you aboard


Very Nice Day! Lots of Action for Bonito & Blues to 3 pounds. Dave was hi-hook with a limit of Blues and 18 Bonito. His hot lure was a pink epoxy jig. Regular hammered 1.5 & 2oz diamonds caught well too. Weather looks tough rest of the week. We will sail again Saturday if the weather cooperates


We did not sail Sunday or Monday weather too rough


Nice weather continued but the fishing did not! We did catch cocktail size to 3 pound Blues and some Bonito mixed in on jigs. Some Porgy and seabass kept folks busy as well. Wasn't terrible but certainly not what I had hoped for. Due to the forecasted hard South winds Sunday and Monday we will NOT SAIL next couple days. Tuesday looks nice at this time


Great Summer like day in the water today! Lots of cocktail to 3 pound Blues with many Bonito, some Alby & Macks mixed in too. My Father, Charles, had 2 Bonito and a limit of Blues. We had many limits of Blues. Dr Bill fun with 12 Blues & 4 Bonito. Nice day aboard the New 85' Queen Mary! Weather Best Saturday this weekend


Rough Conditions made it tough this morning. The ocean began to calm around noon. The fish cooperates as it calmed and by days end we had a catch. Tom with a couple nice Bonito is pictured. Weather looks Superb for Friday. Saturday is best of weekend! See ya aboard


Good Action most of the morning for mostly 1-3 pound Blues on jigs. We did have some Bonito and Macks mixed in


Inshore Tuna Trip:
Action started fast this morning! We were not anchored up 2 minutes and we had nice fish hooked up on a jig. Line was dumping and the 60pound jigging set up was doubles over. We never saw the fish though. A few minutes later 2 more hooked up on jigs one was off in a couple of minutes but Jim Steel was still tight. We got a good look at Jim's before it unbuttoned from his 4oz Deadly Dick. What a shame! A Big Mahi swam up the slick and Jim was able to get a bait in front of him and he was off to the races. We picked at some Bonito a few Alby but never saw another tuna bite after first light. Jim won the pool with this nice Mahi


Fantastic Action today! Bonito were the mainstay with Blues, Macks and some Alby in the mix! Fun day aboard the New 85' Queen Mary! We are now sailing the new boat on a daily basis. Come on down check our new girl out. Tuesday is our Inshore Tuna trip departing 4:30am and we have a few open spaces. Come on down if you are interested



We did not sail the morning trip as it was still rough from the blow Saturday night. We did get out for the afternoon and crushed Bonito! Lots of 2-4 pound fish on jigs, along with Blues and some Albys mixed together. This weeks weather looks tremendous for early October! Don't miss out on what has been the best Bonito season in almost 5 years. These fish will leave by mid-October if not earlier. Hope to see you aboard Monday is forecast to be a top 10 kinda day. Come on Down


Wind came on harder than forecast and kept us from heading off the beach. We picked at 2-5 pound blues most of the morning on jigs. After noon it was slow. With the rough weather forecast tonight into tomorrow morning so we will NOT sail


Nate and his crew were aboard for the Maiden Voyage aboard the Newest Boat in the fleet. The All New 85' Queen Mary! Lots of Bonito mixed with Alby and Blues.


The first of our inshore tuna trips came close today. We found lots of bait and the right kind of water birds(shear waters. Pete Ziemba told me he lost count after many Mackerel and 20 Bonito. Pete also had a bunch of Albys too. Jim Steel one the pool with a nice Skipjack Tuna


Fantastic Action all day! Started with jigging Blues and tons of Macks with some Bones mixed in. Later it was Blues & Jumbo Porgy bending the rods and creating smiles all around! The Quality Catch of the Day was Mitch Sewell's nice Mahimahi he hooked up on a bucktail. Per fact weather and great Fishing


Seas finally calmed and the fishing came roaring back. Lots of Blues to jig along with all the Macks you could want and some Bonito and Jumbo Porgy too.


Happy Birthday to my father Charlie! First day back after days of rough sea is usually not the best. We did get more than I expected but not good enough. We had some Blues, Alby & Porgy. This Big Jack(Banded Rudderfish I think) won the pool


We WILL sail Saturday and Sunday this weekend and everyday weather permitting thereafter. Hope to see you aboard


Tropical System has screwed us this week. No Sail Thursday or Friday maybe not till Sunday if we are lucky. Hope to see you aboard when the weather is conducive. Thanks


AWESOME ACTION! Fast paced all day with Bonito, Albacore, Blues, Macks and lots of Jumbo Porgys. Bait was best but split tail Tsunami was deadly. If you got a bit past the top water species a Porgy was on it soon after. Too bad the NE wind and swell will shut us down for a few days. Hope we can fish Thursday See Ya Aboard


SUPER ACTION for Mackerel and Bonito today! Bait was non-stop Mackerel and jigs were best for the Bonito. Deadly Dicks & Swedish Pimples as well as Tsunami 5" Split Tails worked best for the Bonito. Calm weather & Sunshine for the weekend. Come on down now before the bad weather coming Tuesday. See ya aboard


Wed & Thursday No Sail not enough participants. We will have enough to sail Friday. Weather looks very nice Sunday and Calm For Friday into the weekend


Fun Day with lots of Blues and some Bonito


Very Nice Day! Lots of Action with Bonito, Macks, Ably and Jumbo Porgy. Weather look SUPER for Tuesday! We will have enough to sail Tuesday.


Rough Conditions kept me from heading offshore this AM. We went looking and found lot of Macks to keep it interesting. The winds have backed off this afternoon and forecast is Sunny and Calm Monday & Tuesday. Some of the Wednesday Gang will be down Monday, so we will have enough to sail, target is Bonito, Blues Alby & Macks See ya aboard


Nice Action for the Skepton Construction crew charter. We picked at Blues 2-4 pounds most of the day with the morning action best. Hands down the best catch of Bluefish on a day trip since June


First Special Bonito & Albacore trip was a success! We had a nice mix of Bonito & Albacore with more Bonito vs Albys. Jay & Joe Brooks had a great day with a nice catch of Bonito and some Albys. The Father/Son team showed many how to keep a bend in the rod. Swedish Pimples, Deadly Dicks, Diamond jigs, Tsunami Split Tails along with Bait all produced today. We are Chartered tomorrow Saturday Sept 9, so plan on joining us Sunday this weekend. See ya aboard


No Sail no participants


No Sail


The Annual day after Labor Day Charter with All State Septic from Bangor PA. again was a huge success! The weather was rough but we were anchored up before the wind really came on. The Mackerel were thick and we picked many Bonito & Albacore to keep it interesting. Bruce won the pool with one of his 6 Bonito. Cole came out to fish the last day of Summer before School. He had 5 Bonito and over a dozen Alby. Small diamonds and other shiny lures worked best. Tsunami's are also starting to work. Weather looking very nice Thursday Thru the weekend. Come on down and enjoy the best Bonito & Alby action in a few years


Labor Day
Very Good Start with Blues on jigs then then the Mackerel took over with some Bonito & Albys mixed in. The current changed and the action slowed around 11AM. I took a ride and we jigged some Blues on most drifts. Nice Day!


Too Rough to sail the morning trip


Fast Action with lots of Variety Saturday! Blues, Bonito, Albys, Porgys & Mackerel were all plentiful at times. Monday will be best of weekend



Lots of North wind gave us a good reminder that fall is around the corner. I opted to stay in the shelter of land and keep it relatively calm instead of heading offshore and getting many seasick. We picked at mixed size Porgy with a good ratio of keepers. Turned out to be a nice day! Weekend looks tricky. Monday will be the nicest day. See ya aboard


Typical slow fishing overall after a big blow. We did manage some sea bass, fluke and some other stuff




No Sail! Looking too rough Tuesday & Wednesday Please plan on joining us Thursday & Friday into the weekend


Good Action with SeaBass & Fluke for the GPS charter in the morning. The afternoon produced lots of Mackerel. Rough weather predicted next few days. We may not sail


Rough Seas and fishing all morning for us. After 11am the seas began to calm and we found a nice area if Macks and SeaBass to finish the day on a fun active note. Remember we are chartered Sunday. Please join us another day! See ya aboard


Good Action for Mackerel overall! We did have some Spanish Mackerel, Bonito & some False Albacore along with lots of SeaBass and the occasional Fluke too.


Tuesday was another mid day bite. Lots of Mackerel with SeaBass some Fluke. Wednesday looks like another fine day!


Great Day today! Took a while to get the fish going but we picked away at the Macks with a few Bonito a couple Blues, Lots of SeaBass, a Mahi and some Fluke.