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Fishing Reports


EARLY BOAT LIMITS all three days.  Diamond jigs best 


Super Action
Another action packed day aboard for mixed sized Stripers.  Lots of keepers on jigs 


Great Action Continues!! Friday, Saturday & Sunday all had Boat Limits of keeper Stripers. We are now in the thick of the fall run with Stripers of all sizes 18" to 40+" fish all mixed together. Diamond Jigs have been best with Shad's working well when we find em very close to the beach in shallow water.  


Very Nice Action. Lots of fish and lots to keep


GREAT Day!  EARLY BOAT LIMIT for We Cool Toys Charter.  12 passengers released over 60 fish while keeping their Limit.  Jigs best!  Tuesday & Wednesday are canceled due to Rough Sea forecast.   Supposed of calm Wednesday by mid day.  Thursday thru the weekend looking very nice!! 


SATURDAY & SUNDAY both good later in day!  Lots of fish but best after 11am both days.  Still all sized on jigs with lots to keep along with bigger ones that have to be released.  


Slower start with a action packed finish today! Picked steady but on the slow side until 11:00am. Most folks had their 2 fish limit (1 keeper & 1 bonus) many were released over and keeper size.  Saturday now looks as nice or nicer than Sunday. Plenty of room aboard this weekend.  Mike Payne caught 10 today Jim Steele tough start, strong finish 


Another Fine Day Aboard!

Action wasn't wild like Monday thru Wednesday but plenty were caught throughout the day! Wall H.S. fishing club had keepers, bonus  and tossed back quite a few overs to 40+" 


Fantastic!! BOAT LIMIT 

Lots of overs and keeper size fish released 

Shad's, Jigs Poppers best 


EARLY BOAT LIMITS!! Keepers, Bonus and many overs tossed back.  COME WEDNESDAY OR Friday  the boat is empty and we are still in the NW wind pattern.  We have about 8 open spots left for Thursday as it's forecast warmer but with South winds.  WEST IS BEST 


Monday saw a BOAT LIMIT lots of keeper and bonus size fish! Catching on plain diamond jigs and 6" Shad's has been best along with Flutter-spoons.  Still plenty of overs in the mix. Monday saw action almost all day.  Weather looking GREAT. If you been waiting for the keeper size fish to show. THEY ARE HERE! Come on Down NOW


Sunday weather was much rougher than forecast. Just not a nice day and the fishing was the same.  We did manage some.  We are seeing lots of keeper and bonus size fish and catching on jigs and Shad's.  If you been waiting for the keeper size fish to show. THEY ARE HERE! Come on Down 


What a difference a day makes! Almost a full boat limit of keepers & bonus size for a sold out crowd.   Started slow but heated up after 8:30! Mixed sizes from shorts all the way to 40+" fish.  Shad's best today.  Weather looks good into early week.  Still about 10 open spots for Sunday and plenty all week except Thursday is almost full. 


After 4 great days Friday stunk!! Only one for our efforts today.  Let's hope tomorrow the bite is back on! 


LOTS OF KEEPER SIZE TODAY.  ACTION ACTION ALL Day Shad's, Flutter-spoons, jigs and bunker at times all worked 





Had the annual Spring Lake Country Club Striper trip this AM.  We went a different direction this morning and it was a great decision.  Looks like a new area of fish are moving down.  We were able to keep over a dozen fish with many just too big and still some 40+" fish in the mix.  Shad's, Poppers and bait all worked at times today.  Lots of fish on top splashing.  


Gorgeous weather, shit fishing! We had some bites boated a few. Overall it sucked for all who fished the bunker for the larger fish.  We will look another direction tomorrow 


Picked at Jumbo Stripers all day!  First few drifts of the morning were best.  We picked  fish or 3 a drift right till I blew 3 whistles to head home.  Live bunker was best, a few on Shad's early.  For a Saturday with tons a boat traffic I have to say it was Terrific today.  We still have a few open spots for Sunday. We are sold out Monday & Tuesday 


Carl's fencing was aboard with a very large group. Too big to good snags and try and live bait fish.  We rode north and found fish to jig using Shad's.   Not great but we had some action. Tossed back 15-20 and kept 14.  Nice Day!! 
9 keepers and 5 Bonus size. All on Shad's 


One word says it all today! 
Page released 5 today! 

Jim Stieves released 5, too!!


FANTASTIC WEEKEND! Lots of  Stripers Sunday and  a nice catch of Porgys Saturday for a private event   Sunday we were back on the Stripers quick!  Live Bunker still producing best but we did get a good amount of bites on the 6-9" Shad's   Still mainly large Bass with a keeper mixed in here and there  Monday looking BEST! With Thursday & Friday forecast nice too.  We had the Greener Corp aboard Saturday. They wanted bottom action so we headed off the beach and picked at Porgys all day   Weather was summer like and calm  Great Trip!! 



Gorgeous Day!  That's about it for us.   The bite was early and over before we got there.  Tomorrow is another day.   


What a week! Great Weather combined with BIG STRIPERS! Tuesday & Wednesday saw all larger fish  to 50" taken on live Bunker.  Thursday was slow all morning. The afternoon perked up.  6" Shad's were the ticket with 30"-44" fish   We finally are seeing a few smaller ones we can keep in the mix. 





Great Action continued! The light crowd enjoyed a fabulous outing. Lots of action all morning 


Sunny and breezy with bites until 10am.  Lots of fish blowing up in the bait all day. Honestly, I'm surprised we caught as much as we did after they ate their asses off yesterday.  Forecast is SUPERB ALL WEEK!  Weekdays have be light on weekdays so grab your gear and COME ON DOWN



Fantastic Action this AM!  Hi- hook was12 Stripers up to 46" for Nick from Manasquan.  Lots of action all day on live bunker.  Please bring a spinner to snag bunker and a second rod rigged to fish the bunker! 


JUMBO STRIPER TIME!!! Stripers up to 50" on live bunker Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.  Jim Gillespie got the largest of the week a true 50" Striped Bass to win the pool on Wednesday.  All bigger fish so far.  Live bunker is the only way to get the bites.  Make sure you have bla suitable rod to snag bunkers and a 30-40pound test setup to fish the bunkers for these SLOB Stripers.  We did not fish Monday or Friday. We will be fishing Saturday & Sunday this weekend 


Variety, Awesome Action and Weather continued Thursday. Gary had 50 yes 50 Bonito just a fantastic day. We are sold out Friday. Weatherman has screwed us for Saturday and NE 30 will get us Sunday, so no sail this weekend. See ya Monday 




Wednesday was a perfect weather day with lots of Variety.   Boat limit of Blues, lots of keeper Porgy.  Those that wanted exotics were able to pick at Bonito and Alby’s & the bottom fishermen caught Porgies and Sea Bass all day.  Thursday weather forecast SUNNY & CALM.  The customer count is very light so Come on down and r enjoy awesome Variety, Action, Super Weather and an empty boat!  Hope to see ya aboard 6:30am daily 


Nice morning! Despite lousy conditions we started off strong. Blues and Bonito started us off  quickly along with plenty of action with Sea Bass & Porgys. The action faded after 11 as the wind shifted and the tide was ripping. Good day over all. Tuesday is special 6AM departure hoping to get a last good shot at Bonito & Alby.
Hope to see ya aboard.


Big change in the weather! Fall has arrived and so did the fall Westerly winds.  Some were smart, moved a day earlier & braved an hour or two of rain Saturday.  Saturday was still calm and fishing was fantastic.  Sunday was the total opposite.   With heavy westerly winds we looked along the beach for Stripers.  We did get one JUMBO STRIPER on a 6" shad.  Long day lots of miles read Stripers in a few places but only managed one.  


FANTASTIC ACTION ALL DAY! Lots of Bonito & Alby's along with a boat limit of Blues, lots of keeper Porgy & Sea Bass too. It was so good we have added Tuesday Oct 10th Bonito special 


The light tackle speedsters are still here!  A few Alby were in the mix along with lots of Bonito and limits of Blues on Thursday.  Those who knew how to do it got a bunch.  Hi hook had 17 and many had 5-10 Bonito. 


Great weather along with nice variety! Lots of action with Sea Bass, Bonito, Blues and Porgy all in the mix! 


Picked and plucked all day with Sea Bass, Porgy and other stuff too.  Loads of action with lots of shorts and in the end plenty of keepers.  


Took a while to find but we picked at Alby late in the day after lots of Blues to 8pohnds and some keeper weakfish early 


LOTS OF MIXED SIZED BLUES!! Weather is gorgeous thru Thursday then goes to all hell!!



We lost lots of days due to rough sea conditions from Hurricane Lee passing off our coast late last week thru Saturday. Sunday was very nice and the Blues provided lots of action! Many had double and triple limit catches with Blues up to 8 pounds  




Tuesday will be the last day we fish until Hurricane Lee passes us Friday night.  We will fish Sunday!  Excellent action from the moment we stopped until 10am.  Then it was a normal pick.  We had lots of Bonito and some blues mixed in too.  Hi- hook was almost 30 Bonito and many had 20+. Fantastic Action with  5" spilt tail Tsunami best and jigs & epoxy lures second. Bait worked too. Hopefully the system is far enough to the east to not affect the action. See ya aboard Sunday! Forecast show Sunday to Wednesday very nice next week. Hope to see ya aboard!! 


Steady Bonito action with Blues mixed in.  Very good for the experienced anglers but tougher for the novices.  Plenty of fish around as George had over 25 Bonito today. Dr Aron and Gary combined for over 20 plus some Blues.  The rental rod folks who listened picked some too. Those who were lazy not so much action.  We are sailing Tuesday 5:30am Monday is a no sail 


Lots of Bonito again today. The action wasn't the same.  The better anglers did well and caught plenty. The novices struggles only getting a few plus  blues too.  Overall a good day for Bonito with some blues and Mack's mixed in.  Brian pictured below shows off a whopper of a Bonito 10+ pounder 


What a day! As good as it gets. The Best Bonito Special trip in many years. They are almost anything you tossed at them  hi-hook had almost 40   



Solid Action for Blues to 8 pounds all three days.  Tuesday was WILD Action all day. Monday and Wednesday we picked all day and had one crazy hour of action. 


blues, Bonito, Spanish, Alby all mixed together 


Great weather and fine fishing! After 2 days of NE blow and sitting at the dock we bounced back nicely.  The action was good most of the morning with a mix of Blues, Bonito & Spanish Mackerel.  Hi-hook Ken had over 30 fish. Weather continues very nice right into late next week so come on down!! 


Past few days the action keeps coming! Steady with the Blues with most getting their limits and hi-hooks around 20.  Bonito have been in the mix all three days with Tuesday & Wednesday quite a few in the mix. 


Fabulous weekend fishing & weather! Larger Blues were jumping today, Sunday.  Fish were in the 4-7 pound class with the pool winner over 10.  A-17's seem to outperform most other jigs.  Saturday we had a real nice mix of Blues and Bonito.  We probably had over 60 Bonito Saturday mixed in with the Blues.  The nice weather continues right into Monday, so grab the kids before school starts and COME ON DOWN 


Turned out to be a pretty good day when all was said and done. Nice showing of Bonito along with a good bunch of Spanish Mackerel.  The blues kept the folks busy as all three species were mixed together today. Winds came on late as forecast and supposed to blow thru tomorrow, leaving us with a very nice day Saturday. Friday is a no sail.  Saturday & Sunday looking good. See ya aboard


Another fine day aboard the Queen Mary! Non-Stop action Monday for smaller blues with mixed sizes Bonito mixed in.  Smaller jigs worked best 


EXCELLLENT ACTION ALL DAY!! Lots of 3-5 pound Blues.  Fish on top chasing bait fun day for all. The afternoon charter was the same with some Bonito mixed in. GREAT DAY!


Great weather and picked at mixed size Blues all day!! Hi- hook had 20+! Folks with a little fishing prowess did better than the novices. You really needed to turn the handle fast for the best catch.  Plenty of fish all day some had triple limits others only a few. Overall a nice day. Weather looking GREAT Sunday and Monday 


loads of Blues in the 2-4 pound range with some up to 6 pounds. Great Day!


Day Trip was very tough today. Lousy weather and sea conditions made it tough. The twilight Squid trips was the exact opposite, excellent! Lots of squid for all! 


Offshore weather was not for us so we backed it down to a inshore trip. The squid are still here along with some nicer Bluefin Tuna. We only had a couple of good bites and Bert boated a whoppper!  


Very nice day again for Blues along with our first decent showing of Bonito! We picked smaller blues on the beach early then found 2-5 pound blues with some Bonito in the mix.  


Started with Squid. The wind and drift were too fast for it to be very productive so we found lots of nice Sea Bass and picked at the Mackerel.  Long day but in the end we had a catch 


Good Bluefish Action continues!! 


Another fine day aboard the Queen Mary! Blues Blues Blues with some sea bass, porgy and fluke mixed in.  Fast paced action is here







FANTASTIC BLUEFISH ACTION ALL DAY!! check out the videos on Facebook


Morning provided lots of squid! First ever squid trip was Sunday and we split the day with Squid early and got a limit of Sea Bass after catching lots of squid. Many had 40-60+ squid.  The afternoon provided the best Bluefish action in 6 weeks with blues to 7 pounds all on jigs and the fish averaged 3-5 pounds.  Maybe August is gonna be what we expect?



Nice day picked at fish all day.  Moved around a bit and had a mixed bag 


Lots of squid but no tuna today.  Weather and conditions were better but it didn't help.  


Frustrating day! 1 for 4 couple other mystery bites.  Current was outrageous until late in the day. Couldn’t hold bottom with 24oz. Once the current backed off we had a few more bites and got one to end the day.  Tomorrow is another day and hopefully we get a few more!


Lots of Action! Started quick with lots of cocktail sized blues.  Boat was limited out before 7:30am.  We played with the blues until the wind backed off and we had lots of fluke action but not many to keep. Very nice day 


Great start this AM! Plenty of action with the fluke and seabass. Tomorrow’s weather looks PERFECT and we have lots of room still. COME ON DOWN and enjoy the nice day. Hope to see you aboard.


Very nice trip for the General Plumbing group headed by Lance.  Lots of Sea Bass to start and picked lots of fluke mainly shorts with some keepers in the mix. Nice Day!! Monday & Tuesday looking best! Lots of room aboard and SUPER WEATHER!



Started off slower for us this AM.  Hit a wreck and had lots of Action on Sea Bass.  Picked quite a few nicer fish for a quick limit.  When we moved back for Fluke the action was better.  We picked plenty of shorts with occasional keeper Fluke here and there. Gorgeous Day on the water and ok day over all 


Great day aboard for the crew from US Tank Painters! Tons of action but the heat took its tole. We headed in a little early to avoid the true heat of the day.  We are Sold Out for our morning fishing trips Saturday and Sunday.  The heat breaks Sunday leaving us with Spectacular weather Monday thru Wednesday! COME ON DOWN tons of room on weekdays


Fine day! Lots of action and many keepers. Rich Ehala had a nice limit 


Gorgeous weather for a change this weekend!  The action was definitely better than yesterday.  The first half of the trip was more productive as we lost all wind and drift after 11:30am.   Weather looking SPECTACULAR FOR Monday!!  Lino, 9, from Pt Pleasant Beach,  won the pool with a nice 20” fluke and had a great day getting some short fluke and a bunch of Sea Bass.  He even let his Dad catch a few too!  Vijay’s group enjoyed the day and were all smiles.


Remember this! I’m the only party boat that tells the truth. Today was subpar and in my opinion SUCKED.  We picked at sea bass has some fluke but it’s was slow overall. Best was the first half hour and last 45 min.  Tomorrow is another day and I hope to have a better report.  Sunday weather is forecast AWESOME & we have plenty of room so come on down and we will try out best to improve on todays catch


Another fine day aboard the Queen Mary. The action was steady from mid morning on.  Lots of quality Sea Bass and good action with fluke and some nice keepers most drifts. Good Day! This weekend is forecast GORGEOUS! First nice weekend in weeks. We have room both Saturday and Sunday! COME ON DOWN


Calm and soggy day at sea with Fluke and Sea Bass.  Thursday and the weekend are looking VERY NICE. Lots of room aboard for Sunday

Hope to see ya aboard


Fun Day aboard.  A nice Pollack won the pool.  Weather looks great Tuesday - Thursday and the boat has been empty during the week.  Come on down


Ok day before the wind came up around 11am. Fluke and Sea Bass action 


Small crowd today and many asked for Fluke so we spent the day on the Flatty grounds.   We picked most of the day and had some nice keepers. Mike Payne has his limit plus 23 shorts.  Colin, 13, had 24 shorts and one nice 19.5” keepers. Nice day.  This time of year we are 3/4 day fishing catching a mix most days of Sea Bass, Blues, Mackerel and Fluke. Hope to see ya aboard. Saturday looks nice


Great Day aboard the Queen Mary! We started off and quickly had the boat a limit of quality Sea Bass! Then we picked away all day with the Mack’s. Thursday and Friday the weather is forecast calm and the boat will be empty so count on down.   The Wednesday Gang had a fun day!


Tuna Tuesday was a dud! Tons of life but no bites for us.  All the signs are there, whales dolphins lots of bird life as well. A few fish were caught just not by us. Everything was on the troll. We did have a couple of bites on Jigs but never came tight. Will get them next time lots of room, Thursday and Friday, a little bit of room left Saturday and sold out Sunday. Hope to see you aboard. 


Went looking today but didn't turn up anything new.  Action was much better than yesterday. We hit a few wrecks found one with lots of Jumbo Sea Bass so action was there.  Looked at a bunch of spots with very little then settled for some Mack's to end the day. Overall nice day with plenty of action.  Tuna tonight for Tuesday and back at it for Wednesday.  Crowds are light during the week and Wednesday is forecast VERY NICE!! 


Slow overall for us today.  Some Blues and Mack's along with Quality Sea Bass but not enough for my liking. We are sailing Monday and I'm gonna go looking for something better. tuna trip Tuesday will depart Monday night 12am midnight 


FLAT CALM!  Gorgeous day on the water.  Fishing for us was just OK. We picked a few dozen Blues along with a good bunch of mackerel. It took all day to get out catch with a few stops and I hit one wreck to get a quick Sea Bass Limit along the way.  Overall Fair to Good day of fishing with great weather 


Excellent Mackerel & Sea Bass Action Friday! Mike Versace's group has a blast with all the action 





Another fine day aboard!!  Great weather and fishing all day.  We had all the Mack’s you could shake a stick at!  Then we made a move and found lots of Sea Bass and some Blues.  Bert won the pool with a 5 pound Blue.  We have tons of room the next couple days. Day after the July 4this always slow. If you want great action and a empty boat, tomorrow is your day! 


What a day!!  Full on MACK & Sea Bass attack 
We were limited out with sea bass in less than 30 minutes.  The mackerel were as fast as you could pull em until 9am.  We played with a couple of 50-100 pound Hammerhead Sharks too. Then we picked at them.  I went looking afterwords and where every I went was more Mack’s and sea bass. Hopefully some Blues show back up to spice the catch.  Still plenty of room Tuesday thru Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday we are Sold Out


Saturdays action was best before 11am for us yesterday. Once the wind started and the drift was a bit too fast was slowed up with the Fluke. The sea bass all day and we picked plenty with some nice keepers in the mix


Picked and Plucked at Fluke and tossed way too many nice Sea Bass back cause the season is still closed.  The Blues were there but very tough to catch so we switched up around 9:30.  We boated a couple dozen Blues to 5 pounds.  Once we switched we had some action. 


Picked at the blues early then slow. 
we are off until Friday for maintenance. 
see ya July 4th weekend 


Sunday started out picking ok at Blues in the 2-6 pound range.  The first 2 hours were the best and after 10am the action slowed quite a bit.  Hi-hook had 10 blues.  We are sold out Monday -Thursday. We have plenty of room aboard Friday thru July 4th 


Saturday we started quick close to home!  Boated about 40 blues to 5 pounds in a few drifts before the tide dropped out.  Around 9am we found another area of fish.  We picked steady  and we're in release mode by 10:30am. Fun Day 


Monday June 19 was a very nice day. We picked at fish close to the beach early then the fishing picked up as the day grew longer. We ended up very good.  


HAPPY FATHERS DAY!  What a difference a day makes.  After the sea bass didn't cooperate well and we found mainly all short fish Saturday.  I chose to ride up the beach and we found a few areas of Blues on top.  The action was ok early and just a pick most of the morning.  Later in the day,  the action perked up and the blues and sea bass action kept folks busy. Those who wanted Sea Bass stayed on the bottom and those who reeled fast caught their limit of Blues. 


Well at least I know there will be one honest party boat report from today.  Today we had action here and there and the last hour was out best action of the day. Overall it was the worst day of the year for us by leaps and bounds.  It was a nice day overall and most folks enjoyed the action. It just was not up to my standards.  Tomorrow is supposed to be very nice and hopefully the fish will cooperate better.  We have about 10 open spots left for our afternoon 3:30pm to 8:30pm Fathers Day Special tomorrow book online


Another fine day aboard! Many limits and others were close 


I’ll start by saying we had a fine day today,  the action wasn’t the best early and  picked up as soon as the wind backed off. The rest of the day we picked and plucked. Some folks had limits but most caught lots to get their 4-8 keepers.  Nice folks, nice day and lots of action to be had.  Friday looks calm and we have plenty of room. Fathers say both trips still have some spots let’s and Saturday is Sold Out. Hope to see ya aboard


What a nice day! Great weather, nice folks aboard and lots of action.  It's saturation fishing at this point in the Sea Bass Season pick through lots of short fish to get your 7-10 keepers for the day. Hi-hook has 14 keepers to 16"   



Sunday another bang em up quick with Blues 2-7 pounds  The majority of the day we picked away at Sea Bass  Very nice day! 


Saturday produced a limit of 2-4 pound Blues and very good Sea Bass Action!  Great Day 


Had Sanni Allen's group aboard this AM. What a very nice group of guys!  Weather turned out gorgeous and all the smoke was gone. Clear blue skies and lots of Sea Bass treated the group.  AM was just a pick and around 11:00AM it got steady.  The ratio got better and better and we ended up very nicely! Great Day. Remember folks because we are a limited passenger vessel we do sell out ahead sometimes.  So plan ahead and book online. Get in on the good action and Sea Bass Season before it's closed on June 20th 


Another nice day on the water! Tremendous action but the ratio was terrible.  George had over 80 fish and only 8 keepers.  That kinda says it all.  Jig bite was hot! We had a nice shot of blues early Really the first good shot of the season!! Mixed size 2-6 pounds 

really r


What a great day for the Peiffer Machine group from Myerstown PA.   Weather was super and the action just the same! Lots of keepers and the ratio was the best in a while.  


We had Chris Clements from west of Lancaster PA, so no pics allowed type of group. The group aboard had a nice day! Lots of action after 10am. In the end we came almost to a boat limit of Sea Bass.  Very nice group of folks and the weather cooperated nicely 


Both days were tough early and good the second half! Close to a boat limit Thursday and full boat limit of Sea Bass Friday.  The weekend is a blow out 


Wednesday started slower but picked up mid morning! Picking away nicely with lots of keeper and some Blues in the mix early this AM 

Did not Fish Tuesday Rough  


First slower day of the season today.  The wind came up earlier than forecast this AM but the fishing was slower all morning. We picked at fish all day but the velocity wasn't the same. Bait was more action but the keeper sized fish were best with jigs.  Tuesday is canceled due to rough sea forecasted. Friday looks best going forward!! 


Another AWESOME DAY!  Weather & fishing were absolutely perfect.  Tons of action on jigs and many limits of Sea Bass to 20". Again the 3oz Diamond jig with a teaser 18" above worked best for lots of action and more quality keeper size fish vs the bait.  Weather looks great all week except Tuesday.  COME ON DOWN 


Saturday was another day of FAST JIG ACTION FOR LOTS OF SEA BASS


After a no sail Thursday due to rough sea conditions. Friday was finally a very nice day. The action was constant all day on jigs and many limit catches were had. Colin and Landon, both 13, jigged all day.  Both had their limits of Sea Bass early and enjoyed a wonderful day 



Fantastic Action for the Silverman's company group aboard the Queen Mary.  The jigs and teasers were the ticket. A 2-4oz Diamond jig with a teaser 18" above reeled super slow has been deadly most days. Thursday is canceled due to rough sea forecast. Friday & Saturday look very nice. Hope to see you aboard 


Took awhile to get em snapping today but when they got going it was game on! Another boat limit for the Queen Mary 


Awesome morning of action! Early boat limit of Sea Bass to 22" wonderful day!!  


Another bouncy day with Seas from the SE and a stiff South wind all day.  We rocked and rolled but picked and plucked and those who stayed at the rail all day had their catch close or a limit of Sea Bass. Weather finally looks good for  Sunday.  Plenty of room left for Sunday so hope to see you aboard!  


Thursday the calm forecast was the exact opposite, ROUGH! We picked at fish all day but not great. Good for the conditions 


May 17 Wednesday: Opening Day proved to be fruitful! Lots of Sea Bass limits all around the boat. action was great early, dwindled a bit mid morning and ended Strong.  Lots of QUALITY SEA BASS.  Dan & Dan Jr had the first limited as they slated quality fish to 4 pounds on the jig and teaser rigs.  Hassan was limited by 8am.  Those who jigged all were limited early.  The bait folks recycle a lot more fish before getting theirs. Lots of room left for Thursday May 18 and Sunday May 21 is wide open right now 


ABSOLUTE FANTASTIC ACTION Friday & Sunday.  As good as it gets both days.  Hi-hook in the 30+ range  with mainly Keeper size fish. We had plenty of bonus and overs in the mix too.  Flutter Spoons killed it but almost anything worked today. MONDAG IS REALLY THE ONLY NICE DAY THIS WEEK!


AWESOME FANTASTIC ACTION CONTINUES! We are taking off Monday thru Wednesday and will be back at it Thursday to Sunday this week.  We will be fishing daily until Dec 18th weather permitting! 


Friday was FANTASTIC! Stripers usually love the crappy weather and they did not disappoint this AM.  Capt Cole reported a early boat limit before 8:30am and tossed back many before heading in early today. Saturday weather looks good but Sunday is a blowout.  We are not sailing Sunday thru Wednesday. Hope to see ya Thursday thru the weekend next week!


Thanksgiving Day was slower than it has been overall.  We read lots of fish all morning but they were hard to catch.  Hi-hook was Mark with 4, many had a fish but some did not. 


We had the annual We Cool Toys charter aboard today.  The weather was unbelievable for late November and the fish cooperated well.  In the flat calm the fish were on top a good part of the morning.  Top-water plugs worked well along with the swim shads. 


Last Marathon provided plenty of action wit the best late in the afternoon. Another full Boat Limit of Stripers keepers and bonus size with lots of short action to keep folks busy most of the day.  We are sold out Wednesday and have 12 open spots left for Thanksgiving Day.  Plenty of room still for Friday - Sunday.


Another nice day of Striper action!! Boat limit but took all day with quite a lot of shorts tossed back. Lots of action 


Slow early and a Hail Mary try helped pull the trip together!  Capt Cole took a long ride and found em late.  Bost limit of keepers with some bonus size in the mix.  All after 12 noon ended up GOOD!! 


Absolute Awesome Striper action continues! Hope to see ya aboard while this great West Wind weather continues right I to Thanksgiving Day!  Another PHENOMENAL day with a 35 man limit of both Keepers and Slot fish. Had our keepers by 9:30 and picked through the rest of morning to get our slots. Awesome awesome fishing. We are sailing tomorrow. West wind will be calm, come on down. Plenty of room. See you aboard.


AWESOME! Boat limit keeper and bonus size before 8am again.


West is BEST and was true today. The westerly got em back on the feed! Awesome ACTION! Many with 15+ with hi hook 20+. Full Boat Limit before 8am today. All keeper and bonus size fish. 


East winds put the fire out!  Managed only 5 fish all day. Horrible.


Absolute Mayhem today!! AWESOME is the only word GET DOWN WHILE ITS HOT  TUESDAY LOOKS GOOD. WEDNESDAY IS A BLOWOUT. Thursday & Friday west winds and sunny skies. Come on down!!!


Sunday ended up excellent! Boat Limit of keepers and many keepers released. Hi-hook was 10+. The pic says it all.


PHENOMENAL ACTION TODAY!  Shads 6"-9", jigs and flutter spoons all worked when the bite was on! Hi-hook with 10. Mainly keepers size fish with some bonus and overs in the mix.


Terrible a few fish all day 


Today the streak of great action came to a screeching halt! First drift we bagged 2 nice Stripers giving us a hopeful start.  After that it was all downhill.  The wind came up hard and put the lights out.  Tomorrow is another day.  This week THURSDAY is the clear BEST DAY 



Saturday provided some excellent action in the morning for mainly keeper size 32"-38" Stripers.  We did throw a handful of bass over 38" back and saw our first bonus size fish of the season(24" - 28") Weather this week looking like Monday & Thursday best. 


SPECTACULAR MORNING!  Mainly all keepers and lots of em. 7"-9" white Shad's best with fish caught on jigs, spoons and bait too.  Great Day! Weather looking good thru Monday, so get down before this summer like weather ends.


Another GREAT DAY!! First marathon trip with super weather all day. Good shots early, slow with bites mid day and the late bite is ON!! Great Day! Weather looking absolutely SUPER thru Monday. Forecast goes to shit after that. Fishing and weather is on now. Don't wait 7-14 days it may be 40 degrees and crappy fishing then. Come now when lots of action, sunshine and 70 degree temps.


Another FINE DAY!! A good shot early, picked at fish all day with a great finale to end it. Very nice action and weather. Weather forecast AWESOME right thru weekend. 


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The weather was perfect and the BASS WERE HUNGRY!  Super morning with the 7"-9" Shad's and a few on spoons.  We had Bass to 45 pounds and we were able to keep almost a bost limit this AM.  Calm conditions and mainly dry for Tuesday and the sun will be out by late morning.  NOW IS STRIPER TIME. Tons of room aboard!


Very Nice Start  this morning! Half of what we catch are now keeper size the others still too big. Mainly all on 9" Shad's, white/Pearl the better color today.


Fishing was good Thursday morning!  We did not sail Friday or Saturday.


Saturday wasn't another good day! Not as many bites as Friday. The 9" Shad's best today


Friday, only a few early but mid-morning the bite has turned on! Lots of Trophy Sized Bass again Turned out to be the best action of the season to date.  The Shad's worked well as did the bunker.


Very Nice Start! Good action mid- morning and all over by 11:30am.  Lots of Jumbo Stripers again today, live bait and some on the Shad's too.  Weather best Friday & Saturday.  Sunday looks very iffy and good chance it's a blowout :-(


The lucky few that showed up today got a rare treat! There wasn't enough to sail this AM so we put em on the 31 Purple Jet and Capt Cole got them into some good live bait action. Jim Stieves & Terry Seligman had fun along with Cole, Erik and Brendan. All Jumbos and a few personal bests were had today.  


Good Start with bites most of the morning! Some personal bests were attained today: former owner & Captain of Queen Mary JB,  Pat Kameen & Harrison Woodruff.  Fish were taken on 9" Shad's early and bait later in the morning.  Wednesday weather looks nice and the crowds light, so COME ON DOWN.


Sunday was slow overall for the Striper Fleet.  We mananaged a handful and lost a few others. Read lots in the bait but tough to get bites.  Dr Aron got a nice one today


Saturday we had the Greener Corp private charter. The group wanted Porgy action, and the day was a great success. Lots of nice Porgy and ok keeper sea bass too
Sunday back to Stripers 


Took a ittle while to find the bait pods this morning after yesterdays rough weather.  Once in the bait we were able to get some bites!  We are loosing well more than getting to the net.  Please folks check your drags and set them correctly. One guy this AM has busted off 5 himself and refuses to adjust his tight drag. After the first one lost you would figure he might listen?


Great Day! Very Nice Action until 9AM with the Jumbo Stripers on live bait.  After the bite was over we hiot a couple wrecks and had action with Seabass & Porgys.


8am report already 1/2 dozen JUMBOS boated and lost as many!

Chuck Noona


Monday we had some nice cracks at the Jumbo Stripers until 10am. Multiple passengers released 2. We had nice action with Porgy, Sea Bass & lots of cocktail Blues to end the day



Our action was limited to before 9am.  We had a few hooked up early in the bait a couple on shads and some on live bunker.  Lost most of what was hooked. Nick from Manasquan had 4 bites and boated 2 Jumbo Striped Bass that has to go back.  The fish did bite well early way to the north and by us later in day after 3pm.  Tomorrow is another day. Weather looks great thru Wednesday then goes to shit again for Late week.  Hopefully we can build on today. 


Friday & Saturday lots of Sea Bass and Porgy action!  Stripers showed up today Saturday so we will be targeting Striped Bass tomorrow!!


SUPER ACTION on jigs! Blues to 6 pounds with many in the 4-5 pound class.  Great Day!! 


VERY GOOD ACTION ALL DAY with Blues to 9 pounds and a few Bonito & Alby in mix


NICE ACTION this morning for Bonito & Albys. Some Spanish Macks along with Chub & Frigate Macks too. The surprise was the 3 nice 40-60 pound Bluefin Tuna mixed in. George Hamway using a tiny 40g streaker boated 2.  We did loose a few others.  Check the schedule for the special trips.


Weekend Action was very good for cocktail to 3 pound Blues!  A few Spanish in the mix too.  


Fast Start until the wind came up hard.  Albacore, some Bonito, a few Spanish Mackerel along with a bunch of small blues as the sun was rising.  When the sun popped up with had a blast of Albys. Then the wind came on! A handful of blues and few bones and Alby after for the rest of the day.  It was very rough and we had to retreat to the beach.


Tuesday & Wednesday were both excellent for 1-4 pound blues.  Fast Action with early boat limits. A-17 jigs working best!!


SUPER ACTION w Blues 1-4 pounds with a couple Alby in the mix  George had over 50 


Another fine day aboard!  Fast Action early all on jigs with blues in the 1-5 pound range.  Hi-hook with 30+ and many limits all around.  

We have room Monday & Wednesday this week and next weekend still has plenty of room.


Very Good Jigging for 2-4 pound Blues with a few Alby in the mix  today and this afternoon!! After days off due to rough seas. Today was FLAT CALM & the fish cooperated.  Dr Aron was hoping- hook with over 25 Blues. 


Rough weather Has kept us probably till Friday or Saturday 


The Holiday Weekend continued the up & down action.  Subday was better than Saturday for the Blues.  Saturday was Macks with Blues mixed in. Sunday was all Blues. Gary had 13 for hi-hook Sunday and Mark had 12 Blues and some Macks for hi- hook Saturday.

 A surprise Cobia was released Sunday!


VERY NICE ACTION continued today. Drifting and hugging Blues with Bonito mixed in.  A-17's best red tails killed it!


Very Good on jigs for Blues to 5 pounds today! The Wednesday Gang all had their limits plus.  Very nice for a change.


Saturday sucked! Hard Southerly winds blew late Friday afternoon and all night driving water temps down almost 8 degrees.  Typical for the action to be way off with that drastic a temp change.  Hopefully Sunday is better. 


Friday was a bit slower for the Bonito and Alby but we did have a few good cracks at em.  We did have blues and sea bass as well. Nice Day overall.


Thursday was even better! Lots of Bonito with some Ably a bunch of Spanish and little 1-2 pound Blues  excellent day!


Wednesday started off Bonito, Alby & Spanish Mackerel! Good action  with 1-4 pound blues the rest of the day.  

Jigging was the hot ticket today. Smaller stuff best for the exotics.


FUN DAY! Limit of Blues to 2.5 pounds early then found limits of QUALITY Sea Bass!  Some BONITO, LING & a few whiting in the mix too.  Very nice mixed bag.  Weather looks great Tuesday - Friday so COME ON DOWN! 


FRIDAY & Saturday was lots of Macks with blues mixed in. Sunday late the bigger Blues popped up and we got a bunch to 7 pounds on poppers. 




Thursday provided VERY GOOD ACTION FOR Blues after the Wednesday Mack Attack! Now that the sea had calmed enough we could get back in where the Bigger Blues have been hanging. The tailed jigs were best and a boat limit was attained before 11am.


Sunday was Awesome compared to Saturday.  Lots of 2-4 pound Blues on bait and some on jigs.  The easterly flow raised the water temps, and the action was back. Many limits were had today.  Only had a few Bonito in the mix today.  Weather looks outstanding again most of this week! Monday, Wednesday & Thursday all have plenty of room.  Tuesday we are offshore and Friday is Sold Out already. 


Both Sunday & Monday provided a nice pick at Blues in the 3-8 pound class on Jigs! Gary and Jake Rossnagel combined for close to 20 blues Sunday. Monday was good all morning. Ken and Marian combined for 14 to 7 pounds.  George had 12. Wednesday Gang all had fun.


Blues cooperated on jigs for a little while late in the day. Slow most of the morning but around 11am. We started to pick some each drift then it built to 10-12 a drift the last hour.  Frank Young and crew actually had a nice day capturing quite a few all on jigs.


The up & down that has been the 2022 season was in-between yesterday.  We picked and plucked and the better fishermen did well on Poppers.  Those who could not cast struggled.  George has 12+ Pat Kameen with 7 and others had 3-5 fish.  Many of the folks who did not put in max effort had 0-2.  The fish are there but they are not jumping in the boat many days this season. Those who have know how and work hard generally get rewarded.




Picked slower today at the larger Blues.  One Good Friday and picked some on others in the morning.  Worked back towards the inlet and found the cocktail to 2pound blues to end the day with some decent action. Overall not a bad day. 


After a tough Monday, Tuesday was back to GOOD ACTION! We had larger Blues today, 3-7 pound Blues. Poppers and swim plugs worked best.  Weather looking nice Wednesday, Friday & the weekend!



Sunday provided Very Good Action for cocktail to 3 pound Blues. A early boat limit of Bluefish before 9:30am. We finished the day with a limit of Sea Bass! Great Day!


SUPER DAY! LIMITS OF BLUES 1-3 pounds before 9am.  Nice pick of Sea Bass the remainder of the day! 

There is a video of the action on Facebook and Instagram 


Good Action early and again 10:30-12:30! Nice mixed bag of fish.  Blues, Sea Bass, Macks & a nice Bonito! Colin in the red shirt handing with his buddy Landon both 12 years old had a great day as you can see.  They told me they released 30+ Mackerel too!  Colin was the lucky Pool winner today with a Blue about 4pounds. 


Ok action for Blues today.  limits of blues to 5 pounds with hi-hook 10+ 


Tuesday was the best showing of Bluefish in almost 2 weeks! Lets hope it's the beginning of something good and not a flash in the pan.  We picked at larger Blues 4-8 pounds on poppers first couple hours. George Hamway and Dan Cota both had their limits + before 9am.  When that slowed a move  produces smaller 1-4 pound blues mainly on jigs. Hi- hook had over 30 blues and many folks had their limits. Tons of room tomorrow, Wednesday come on down!


Overall fishing is on the slower side and is a mixed bag past couple days.  Some Blues, Sea Bass, Fluke and Ling. Every catches a few of something but it's no ball of fire.  The weather has finally started to cooperate in that many of the past 10 days has been on the calmer side. So the days have been enjoyable while picking at a carriers of species. We are doing what we can to create a catch until something really picks up.  Pics are from past couple days!



Picked at the Blues early and then some sea bass! Ok action!


Went looking offshore out to 25 miles and came up empty.  The bonus to this was the SUPER QUALITY we found on the wrecks out that way.  Picked very nice sized Sea Bass to 21" pool winner.  Some ling spiced the catch too.


US Tank  Painters chartered the vessel today.  We having a nice day enjoying the calm conditions ans pick and pluck at Sea Bass and Fluke.



TOUGH DAY FOR BLUES AGAIN! We did kinda pick as Rick and George each had their 5 Bluefish limit. We switched it up around 10am and picke away at Sea Bass with some nice keeprs and a few ling mixed in!


Today, Thursday we had a private event.   We put Lindsey Klein's famiky and crew into lots of action.  Mainly Sea Bass with a few ling.  The ratio is getting tough for keepers but it was about action with the families and  kids.  Tomorrow Friday we will back on the hunt for Blues! 


Wednesday was a tough day! Pretty much stunk.  First real clunker in a while.  The best fishermen had some but the rental rod folks struggled mightily.  Read a lot in a few spots but catching was another story.  Jim Steel was Hi-hook with 5 blues and Jim Gillespie has 3 Blues. We did pick some sea bass towards the end of the day to get folks some sort of action.  


Monday provided some excellent action!  Close to the inlet we found lots of cocktail sized Blues to 2 pounds. We didn't stay with it long and many folks had 2-5 blues early.  We found the larger fish about a hour later and the popper bite was hot until noon.  Chris Long was hi-hook with over 25 and had the 2 Blues on one popper!



Very Good on Poppers this weekend!  Monday & Wednesday look best with Tuesday being canceled.  

Wednesday Is forecast calmest of week!  


Friday VERY GOOD ACTION on poppers early. The fish on poppers were mainly all gaffers 5-10 pounds.  Later we found fish in deeper water that wanted jigs.  We picked at mixed sized Blues to 5 pounds until 11ish. When the tide stopped so did tbe bite.  Picked maybe 18-20 blues after 11am.  


Thursday saw good action on mainly Topwater poppers early before finding fish in deeper water that wanted the jigs.  Good action until 11am before I took the small crowd for Sea Bass to end the day!


Ok day! Weather was Superb and the action good to start but when the tide ended so did the action. We made a 25 minute move and we picked and plucked some more blues along with a dozen or so macks before switching over to Sea Bass for the last 1.5 hours of the day.



Better action with the Blues Monday morning.  We picked at blues better on jigs today until 10am.  From 10-11 we picked at Sea Bass and some Ling until the wind came up too hard. After 11:30 it sucked.  We are canceled Tuesday. Wednesday - Friday are forecast NICE! Hope to see ya aboard!


Nice day aboard!  Weather was very nice and the Sea Bass action was good. The blues again were tough early. We did manage to fight the Gillnetter for a spot a few times and boated some.  Topwater and jigs got em but it just wasn’t fast enough, so we went for sea Bass around 9:30am.  Lots of action  and many got some keepers for the table.

 Monday & Wednesday weather looks GREAT! Come on Down!




Slow overall yesterday.  We did have a couple guys with their limit of 5 Blues to 8 pounds. Most had 1-3 fish on jigs and poppers. Nothing was really better than the other as Bert had 5, 3 on red tail jig and 2 on top-water and lost a few others as well.  Read fish all day but tough to catch!


Another nice day aboard the Queen!  We picked and plucked all day with a couple of decent shots earlier in the day.  Again, topwater poppers and swim plugs best.  Jigs did catch but the topwater is the way to go if you know how to do it.  Billy from Philly was hi-hook with 15 blues.  The kids Tyler & Joey pictured below with Grandpa Rocco,  showed the older folks how to pop the blues.  They had a blast and boated close to their limit.  We had a surprise keeper Striper today mixed in with the blues too. Thursday is a no sail and Friday looks calm.  See ya aboard!!


What a different day compared to yesterday. This AM the Blues popped up and we followed them for miles until 11am.  Topwater best but the jigs caught well today too. Lots of limits of Blues before 9:30am.  We spent the last hour picking at Sea bass and a few ling.  Wednesday now looks very nice forecast and Thursday is falling apart.  Come on down Wednesday! Sunny 80 and calm.


Happy 4th everyone!  GORGEOUS WEATHER! Blues were tough early and the weather perfect for drifting Sea Bass so we didn’t wait it out. Lots of families so we left for the Sea Bass at 10am.  Steady action with some ling and keepers mixed in with lots of short sea bass.  Nice day.  We have plenty of room aboard for Tuesday.we will hope the Blues bounce back tomorrow.  The scheduled Tuna trip is pushed back another week.  See ya aboard!


Very Good top-water action! Andrew Sokal had over 25 on poppers.  Chris Long fishing along size Andrew had 20+ too.  Jigs did catch but the top water was far superior. Lannie used a SP minnow to bag close to 15 and won the pool with a 10 pounder. 


Friday's Very Good early till 10am then we picked at Sea Bass and ling to end the day. Topwater plugs and poppers were HOT along with jigs. 



Capt Cole at the helm and he got a few real good shots of Blues up to 10 pounds early.  A couple old school drifts mid-morning cappped the day!  Many limits of Blues with George Hamway hooking over 30 today.  When the bite was on, top-water action was the way to go.  Jigs worked too but those who could work a popper had fun watching them get blasted and time after time.  Weather looks great for Friday & Monday. Saturday is iffy and Sunday should be calm, cloudy and mainly dry.  We have plenty of room aboard Sunday & Monday.  


Nice weather and some solid action today!! The action took awhile to come together but in the end the best day since Friday. Tom Ford came out for some mental therapy and had his limit of blues before the good action even started. Red-Tail A-27’s best today. When the action became consistent the top-water plugs killed it!  If you have poppers make sure you have em ready if the fish pop up.  Tomorrow, Thursday we have a light crowd so grab your gear and head on down.  Friday, weather looking very nice too. See ya aboard


Sunday made Saturday seem great.  In a word, terrible, about sums it up.  We did have some bluefish to 6 pounds before 10. One decent drift gave us all hope but it was short lived. We switched up for Fluke but that was even worse. Monday we are canceled due to rain and sea conditions.  

Tuesday and Wednesday look nice! Hope to see ya aboard!


Saturday started out ok but fizzled by 9:30. We picked 1-3 a drift the rest of the day. Slower overall  A few surprise Cod in the mix!


FANTASTIC MORNING! Capt Cole at the helm put the Wed Gang and crew on the MEAT!! Early boat limit of Blues with many in the 4-6 pound range today!  It's a nice mix from 2-8 pounders!  Boat limit at 10am now headed for some Fluke to end the day!


Good Start, slow middle and ended with a BANG!  Overall another fine day with the Blues to 8 pounds!  George Hamway was hi-hook with over 20 Blues to 8 pounds and was also the pool winner!  Many limits all on jigs with A-17's & 27's working best!! 


LIMITS OF 2-4 pound Blues early this AM. We switched up once the boat had a full Bluefish limit. The second half of the day we picked well at Fluke.  Lots of action with some nice keepers in the mix!  Pictured below this gentleman had both a bluefish & a Fluke limit! 


Was a fun morning.  Many early limits of Blues to 4 pounds.   These 3 combined for their 15 bluefish limit (5 per person) before 8:15am.  They tossed back over 50 more!! Tuesday looks calm and boat is very light patronage on weekdays this time of year. COME ON DOWN!!


HAPPY Fathers Day!

Much better action today!  What a difference a day can make! We picked at Blues until 9:45. Once the tide turned and the action backed off we headed off the beach for Sea Bass. With a little less wind than predicted we were able to get off the beach 6-7 miles and pick away. That was ok action with lots of recycling but we did manage to pick keepers too.

Monday is the BEST OF THE WEEK WEATHER. Hope to see ya aboard.


Tough Day, in fact it absolutely stunk!  The folks who follow the Queen Mary posts know we tell it like it is.  The game plan : A, catch some blues first and then, plan B, Sea Bass later went out the window early.  When the forecast NW 15-20 winds ratcheted up to steady 25+ with gusts from the N-NW., we were stuck on the beach all day.  The blues never cooperated as the boat ended up with a whopping 8 for the day.  The folks who fish here know the deal.  Those who don’t are probably gonna think we stink and don’t give  a Rats Ass.  These are the folks, who will write a bad review and that don’t realize I burned more fuel today vs and day all season riding around looking and hoping to find a patch of fish to make the day.  The Sea Bass action wasn’t much better and I really didn’t want to catch almost nothing and get 25+% of the boat sea sick to catch the same crap. Well tomorrow is another day maybe it will produce a bit better.  Those who are booked tomorrow, if you are flexible, come Monday or another date. If not we will see ya in the AM


Nice first showing of Bluefish today!!


Pick some nicer SeaBass here and there but the keeper ratio is getting tougher by the day.  It was slow early and lots of action late.  The afternoon was forecast calm but the weatherman fibbed. Turned into E-SE 20+ by 6pm.  Lots of current due to the Giant Full Moon the past few nights.Folks had to use 10-12 ounce weights to hold bottom.  Usually a recipe for disaster and it was for the afternoon trip.  Some ling and Sea Bass were boated by slow & uncomfortable overall.


Slower overall but we did pick some quality Sea Bass and some fat ling.  George Won the pool with a 20" Sea Bass and had his limit plus. 


This weekend the action wasn't all that hot but we picked and plucked and had lots of nice quality size Sea Bass!


Great Weather and OK action but lots of quality keeper Sea Bass!  


Tuesday overall was tough! We could not get off to where we had great fishing yesterday. The hard South wind  came up early and is now forecast to blow into Thursday.  We did have plenty of action most of the morning.  The keeper ratio was poor.  Once it got a bit too squirlly we came in early.  Too bad the folks couldnt come Monday for the perect weather forecast I pushed all weekend.  

We are canceled until Friday.  Next trip with openings is Sunday AM &PM trip.  Hope to see ya aboard 


WHAT A DAY!! Perfect weather and a Full Boat Limit! We saw signs of top water species for the first time this season on our way out this AM.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.  The Sea Bass action picked up steadily after 10am. 

The last hour was very good.  FULL BOAT LIMIT!


The weekend produced spectacular weather and the fishing at times was just as good.  Saturday, was slow early but very handy after 10am.  The afternoon trip was action packed.  Sunday was the opposite.  Better early and slowed up late. The afternoon again was good.  

Monday is best bet this week!


Friday best action of the week! Crush job on the jigs! Early Boat limit. We are SOLD OUT Sat & Sun mornings this weekend   

Saturday PM 3-8 trip has lots of openings! 


MUCH BETTER WEATHER AND GOOD ACTION CONTINUES!  Tomorrow will be nice after 9am, light crowds good action COME ON DOWN!


Some Phenominal Weather for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend!   The good action overall prevailed thru Monday but was tough Tuesday AM until 11am when the tide switched we started picking away. Today, Wednesday, we had Peiffer Machine aboard for their annual charter.  We departed late as the NE wind was honking early.  Long slow ride paid off and we banged away with lots of action. The keeper ratio is getting harder but we still manage to get plenty of keepers. 

The boat is very light Thursday and Friday. Hope to see ya aboard!


Capt Cole had the boat Thursday.  The weather turned out to be as nice as the fishing.  Early boat limit! Steady action with good jigging and fish on bait as well.  Weather looks OK Saturday and SUPER for Sunday & Monday.


Sunday and Monday produced nice action with many limits of Sea Bass.  Stoney and Jack were the hot anglers  Monday. Jack jigged all day keeping his limit quickly. Stoney was on bait and kept pace with some real quality in the mix!


Saturday was slower overall! We picked and plucked most of the day. The quality wasn't there today.  Lots of recycling. Tomorrow I'm gonna look a different direction.  We are very light with reservations Subday.  COME ON DOWN!!


Thursday was a no sail too nasty!

Friday we had Jose Angeles Painting group aboard and they were treated to some Hot Action! 

Early Boat limit and the jig bite was SAVAGE the first 2 hours


SEA BASS season opener was FANTASTIC ACTION!  Boat limit of quality fish. Jigging was the HOT TICKET! A-27 plain with a teaser 18" above.  

Lots of keeper double headers.