Spring Striped Bass

Striped Bass Magic Hour Schedule

Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday Afternoon
3:30pm - 9:30pm

Sunday - 25 passenger limit $85 per person
Sat, Tues & Thurs - 20 passenger limit $95 per person

Reservations with deposit required on all Magic Hour Striped Bass Trips These trips sell out fast!!! Book early!

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These trips target some of the largest Striped Bass caught in Jersey water all season! It’s common to see limit catches of 2 Stripers per person(1 Fish 28”- 43” and 1 fish over 1 Fish 43”per person ) Most of the spring Striped Bass are in the 20- 40 pound range with pool winners close to 50 pounds.

Bonus Tag

A personal bonus tag to keep a third fish is available to all individuals who register for the NJ bonus tag. The bonus tag program is now open after September 1 only and consists of 1 extra fish between 24”- 28” in length. Use the following link to register for a Bonus Tag to keep an extra Striper this fall.

Live Bunker

Live Bunker fishing if available will be our first approach with jigging a close second. When using live bunker it's a team effort in the snagging of the bait. The bait is controlled by the crew in an effort to be fair for all


A conventional 6’-7’ rod with a reel loaded with 30 -40 pound test mono is best for fishing live bunker and jigs. A spinner with 20 -30 pound test matched with a stout 7’ rod is well suited for snagging bunker. This can also be used to fish the bunker with 30 pound test.
All tackle needed is sold on the boat: snags, rigs and jigs....
Rental Rods are available for $7 conventional and $12 Spinning