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Stripers Marathon

Welcome Aboard Queen Mary Fishing - Where Fishing is Our Business!

Voted #1 on the Jersey Shore

Striped Bass invade our area late October & stick around until mid December.  The Striper Marathon trips are designed to give you the best opportunity to get a LIMIT of Striped Bass!

Striped Bass regulations are 2 fish per person: 1 24"-28"(Bonus Size), 1-28"- 43" & 1 fish over 43" 

The Queen Mary provides one Bonus Tag per person if you do not have one of your own 

Departs 6:30am to 3:30PM or later if neccesssary! Our boat embarks on this full day trip early in the morning so that you can maximize the time you spend fishing with our experienced and knowledgeable captain and crew!

The Queen Mary is a 85’ long, 23' wide, super-fast super cruiser! It is one of New Jersey's newest and cleanest fishing boats and features:

These trips provide 9+ hours of fishing with an experienced crew who is dedicated to your service and safety. Once our excursion concludes, you can enjoy the rest of the trip from the upper deck of The Queen Mary or let our crew help clean your catches of the day.

Look no further than the Queen Mary for the best fishing on the Jersey Shore. We look forward to booking you on our next trip!

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