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THIS is the boat you want to be on! Amazing Captain and crew!
We drove up from Maryland to take our girls (ages 9 & 11) on their 1st offshore fishing trip and we all had a great time. If you're looking to introduce your kids to fishing, THIS IS THE BOAT you want to be on! Captain David and his crew are FANTASTIC! They run a very family friendly 1st class operation.... They provide everything you need... and are very patient and helpful with the kids. Just bring a cooler & ice to take home your fish. They'll even fillet them for you on the ride back to the dock. The captain definitely knows how to find the fish, and we all brought home BIG Blue fish! These guys really exceeded our expectations. Highly Recommend!

Tim S

best time ever I took both of my boys on Queen Mary not knowing what to expect since it was our first. Wow, it was perfect! the Captain worked hard to find fish for us and the crew was fantastic! Both of my boys caught MONSTER BLUEFISH. The crew made sure to help both of my boys to land their first bluefish ever. The crew was nice and patient on teaching my kids. Kids already talking about going again soon. Recommending this boat & captain to all of my friends.


Fishing Just had a really great trip on the Queen Mary, limited out on striped bass. The captain and crew are top notch. Very professional and very knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend this boat

Greg P

Super day fishing on the Queen Mary Went out on the Striper marathon trip 11/14/2017. Captain Dave made a couple stops as we headed north but the fish would not cooperate, Capt Dave wasted no time in moving on. We took a little ride further north and that was all we needed. From the moment we stopped everybody was hooked up! Mates Eric and Rick where there with a net before you could say anything. I ended up catching 15 bass that day, best striper trip I have ever had. By lunch time the boat had its limit of keeper fish. We spent the afternoon catching and releasing keeper size fish!!. It does not get any better than this. Going out again on Sunday wile the fishing is hot.


Well run boat, had a great trip This is a well run boat, the Captain and the mates know how to catch fish. The mates are very helpful without being condisending. The new boat is very nice, with a much larger passengers cabin,which is needed on cold, windy,and wet days.

Alan R

Great trip Another fantastic trip on the queen Mary. The new boat, captain and crew are very knowledgeable and will do anything possible to get people some fish. Great for beginners all the way to the pros. This trip was extra special to me as I was able to land my largest striped bass.


Great Experience First time out on this boat. Eric and Rick greeted me in the parking lot and help get my gear on board. Capt Dave, put us on the fish. Non stop action for XXXL blues. The mates did a great job gaffing the fish and undoing tangles. Highly recommend.

Peter S

Captain Dave knows blues! I've been a Queen Mary patron for at least the past seven years, and I keep coming back. The reason is simple -- Captain Dave knows where the fish are, and the courteous crew know how to keep you bringing them on the boat. On my 10/27 trip, I landed 4 slab blues (including the pool winner) along with a bonito. The new boat is a nice bonus, too. Looking forward to many future fishing trips,

Peter F

The CREW is awesome !!! Went out 7:30-2:00 on Saturday 10/7. My party of 4 caught over a dozen blues, 2 bonito, etc. I can't say enough about the crew. I have been on many party boats before and the crew would help you when you asked... THESE guys are trying to help you all the time... Best crew I have ever been fishing with !!! One other comment I would make... had trouble locating fish and went miles (45 minutes) to other places to find them... I give the captain credit for real effort in putting us on the fish Great time.


Excellent crew! Have gone out with this boat 4 times now - excellent crew that tries to make sure EVERYONE catches fish! Great fun for all!!

Johnna D

Outstanding crew! We had a great time! Although we caught a day of bad weather and no fish were biting, the guys on the crew were super cool, and made the day a lot of fun. I can't say enough about how much my son and I enjoyed our first fishing trip together, and we both can't wait to go back again this fall. Thanks!

Stella B

Very enjoyable AND productive This was the best deep-sea fishing experience I have ever had...tons and tons of mackerel! Nothing feels better than actually catching some "keepers"...I have been on so many trips off of the north shore of Long Island without even a nibble, so this was a real treat for me. Keep in mind, I caught mackerel, near the surface. I didn't have as much success with the bottom-dwellers (sea bass), but other people on the boat did catch them. The crew were VERY helpful and friendly--they helped untangle my line and add a new sinker + hook, and advised us on the proper techniques. I highly recommend the Queen Mary if you're looking for an enjoyable, reasonably-priced outing with your family.

Glen Cove Pizza

Top notch Took my 7 yr old son out on 8/21 for his 1st trip. It couldn't have gone better Capt Dave and his crew go the extra mile to talk with kids. They explained how to handle fish . Never getting frustrated with tangled lines or lots of questions...While we only had 10 keepers Capt Dave made sure everyone got some fish. Thanks Capt Dave and crew...we will definitely be back.

Jim A

Excellent option for families/novices We went on a fishing trip this past Saturday, the 19th. I brought my two boys ages 16 and 11, and we are all novices. The crew of the boat were excellent. We caught a couple of Sea Bass, and Mackeral which was great. The crew helped us on numerous occasions when our lines got tangled, and were always there to help when needed. Any fish you cash, they fillet for $1. The trip is 4 hours (I would have been happy at 3 hours), but everyone had a great time.


FUN, GREAT FAMILY ACTIVITY We easily signed up online just the day before our trip on Thursday Aug. 10th. We arrived and were greeted by the crew and happily left on time at 7:30am. We would have been happy with just the boat ride! Catching a fish we thought would not be that easy for us as we had never been out fishing before. My kids are 10 and 8 and they were excited to just head out on the ocean! The crew assured us we would catch something, and laughed that the kids are usually the lucky ones!! Sure enough my daughter pulled in a large sea Bass at the first casting of our poles! the crew were very attentive to our kids, helping all 4 of us to bait our hooks, cast, and get the fish of the hook! They moved quickly around the boat to help and you were right back fishing once they removed the fish from the hook. When interesting fish were caught by others the crew were sure to find our kids and show the fishes to them, explaining characteristics and letting them touch them. There was a large cabin area with tables, so we could easily sit the kids there to have a quick sandwich or snack! the boat moved from spot to spot to find the fish, and we went home with 5 sea bass though we were steadily catching fish, not all were big enough to keep!! The crew cleaned the fish for us and bagged them up, and we enjoyed a truly wild caught fish fry for dinner!! We want to try the Thursday evening fish and fireworks night next! Great boat, great crew, highly recommend and will be returning ourselves!!

Lynn P

Great Time For All This was my first fishing trip on the Queen Mary. I must say the crew is among the best if not the best I've experienced on a party boat. They work hard and are very personable and can't do enough to help. The captain makes every effort to keep people catching fish. Not afraid to move or try to target different species. My group walked away happy and with some sea bass to eat. The highlight of the day hooking into a few sharks. I highly recommend this vessel and can't wait to return.

Kevin S

Great Time on the Queen Mary My son and I had an awesome day on the Queen Mary. Captain Dave and the crew were very helpful and fun to be around. Dave made sure my son and the other kids on board caught fish and had fun. I highly recommend the Queen Mary.

Douglas V

Great Fun For The Whole Family! We had an awesome day on the Queen Mary. The difference between this boat and the others is the Captain and Crew. Cannot say enough great things about them. This was a first time trip for our teenagers, and the help and instructive tips made a new generation of fishing enthusiasts. This is a trip the whole family will enjoy. Everyone caught a lot of fish and many of them were big enough to keep. We enjoyed our "Fish fry" when we got home. The kids are already talking about our next trip and it will definitely be on the Queen Mary.

Tom M

Terrific day of fishing. Captain kept us on the fish by moving to multiple locations. Crew was experienced and friendly. Rental equipment was great too. Highly recommended!

Shawn L

Always a great day on the Queen Mary! I have been fishing with the Queen Mary for a few years now and it wasn't until I tried another boat through a groupon that I realized how great this boat and crew are. Upon arrival you'll see Captain Dave greeting everyone as they board as the crew helps people load their coolers and gear on board. The mates will get you set-up and help you throughout the day whether it be getting fish on board or an issue with your gear and giving tips as needed/wanted. They make it a point to introduce themselves and learn your name which makes you feel like a friend fishing rather than a customer. If you are new to fishing or are a seasoned angler, you will enjoy yourself on this boat, whether it be the biggest fish pool, the fun competitive atmosphere, the option to rent gear, the community feel they create or the awesome music they play. They will also clean and filet so the prep work is done before you walk off the boat. Highly recommend the Queen Mary!

Kate A

Striper Fishing with Queen Mary - Magic Hour.. I was really looking forward to making this trip with the Queen Mary for Striped Bass. The Weather was nice and the conditions looked great However, I was disappointed by this trip.. First of all, we had to spend the first 1.5 hours of our trip catching our own bait. I feel that for the price we paid to make this trip - all together I paid $88- and for the number of people on the boat, that bait should have been previously available to the customer. Fortunately the crew was very adept at fishing for bait and we got a decent amount of live bunker. However, several passengers never even tried to help. They just sat there eating and drinking while the rest of us worked diligently.... of course these passengers had NO PROBLEM using the bait that the rest of us caught. Additionally,some passengers ignored the posted signs at the dock stating that "no braided line" was to be used and that they also apparently ignored the briefing from the mates about the protocol necessary to fish effectively and courteously. Those of us who did pay attention were instructed to move up and down the deck as our live bait swam around in order to get out of each others' way and to avoid tangles - we did so. As you can guess, the braided-line-stationary-fishermen ended up frequently tangling everyone's line and we spent a lot of downtime getting untangled from these inconsiderate individuals. The captain and the crew were great! They were friendly and very accommodating; working very hard to make the trip enjoyable and successful for everyone. They were also patient with the customers who had problems. Although three huge Stripers were caught, there were 22 passengers on the boat. That is only a 13% success rate. Of course the largest fish was caught by one of the non-bait fishing drunks to add insult to injury. I was hoping for better, but that's fishing. Ultimately though,for most of us, this trip was just an expensive boat ride.

Jeffrey R

Magic Hour Trip! Best boat I've ever been on for blues and stripers! Captain and crew are first rate! Dave did a great job improvising when bait was scarce and really does all he can to get everybody to catch a fish! We stayed out late to try and get one last bite. My dad and I have never been let down on the Queen. I'd recommend this boat to anybody.

A ehala

Queen Mary Fishing, best fishing boat in New Jersey. The Captain n crew give you the best fishing experience there is. Professional in ever way... Highly recommended!!!!! Check them out in Point Pleasent NJ..

John Lamond

46.1!!!! This crew was funny, informative, and very attentive!!! I wouldn't think twice to recommend or go again!!! The crew saved me from loosing this girl!!! Thanks guys!!!

Cherina D

Didn't lack for effort! Captain and crew did everything possible to assist and encourage patrons on a very slow night. Crew was attentive to needs and proactive. Bunker and striper generally uncooperative. My grandson hooked the only striper and lost it after a nice battle. Got a big lump in my throat after seeing the success of the night after but that is the chance you take. Thanks to the Queen Mary!